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Cosplay Girls


Pagpasok pa lang ng kuwarto ay siya na agad ang humalik sa akin. Hindi na namin nagawa pang ikandado ang pinto (wala namang ibang papasok dun eh) dahil habang naghahalikan kami ay hinihila na niya agad ako sa kama.

Hurt, trust, pain and LOVE by bitter.amber


It’s hard to be torn between being okay and not. It’s like you’re being a big-time hypocrite when you say you’re okay when in fact you’re not. You want to tell the world that “Hey! I’m not okay!” But you have no choice but to tell them that “Don’t worry, I’m okay, I’ll be okay for sure!” for the reason that you don’t want to hurt them as well.

I have Learned


I found this in my favorite reading material which is KERYGMA , way back when I was still in college. I compiled this in one of my projects and I found this relieving so I want to share this with everyone.

I’ve learned-
that you cannot make someone love you.
All you can do is be someone who can be loved.
The rest is up to them.

I’ve learned-
that no matter how much I care
some people just don’t care back

I’ve learned-
that it takes years to build up trust
and only seconds to destroy it

I’ve learned-
that its not what you have in your life

Auntie Mela


I was 14 yrs old when I had my first experience on sex. I was in 2nd year high school back then, just a teenager who is very much preoccupied with school work, computer games and football.

I come from a very close knitted family, so instead of hiring strangers to work as our helpers my mom opted to adopt a relative to work for us. At least makakatulong din sa kanila. I come from a well-off family. My father is a lawyer while my mom naman manages our family business.

With Step-sister haha


sorry pero hindi po si Matt ito, pinsan niya ito. Nakikigamit lang po ako ng account kasi po hindi pa po napapadala sakin iyung user at pass ko d2 s literotica. Sana po enjoy na lang.

Meron akong step sis 4 yrs old pa lang ako kasi naghiwalay parents ko at papa ko kasama ko. Meron naman siyang nakilala na naging step mom ko at meron siyang anak na 6 yrs old. Let’s call my stepsis Anne.

What Hides Behind Love’s Mask


I still don’t got time to write a story but I had a little to write this one.


You have seen my shadows,though you don’t know it’s me.
A silhouette of darkness that always follow thee.
Watching you closely,behind you I stalk.
Tracing your footsteps in your every walk.

You felt my presence,and you were uneased.
You want to be loved,you want to be pleased.
Your heart,your soul, and your body,they seek
for something to quench them.Before me, they’re weak.

Upon seeing me,your eyes were ablazed.
You can’t help but stare,for you were amazed.

TAXI Darla


Ang kwentong ito ay totoo, ang name ng girl na nasa kwento ay darla, sya din ang nagsabi sa akin ng site na ito, bago lang ako dito sa PL pero sya daw ay matagal nang nag susulat dito kaya na pilit nya akong mag post din ng story namin dito. Nag sama din ako ng picture nya kinunan ko ito after ng nangyari. Sana ay mag enjoy kayo.

true confessions


kamusta po sa lahat. sorry po that no entry ako for a long time. this would be my second to the last blog for now regarding confessions kasi wala nang nagbago sa life ko since i got married and had a son.

the last entry was my confession regarding sa pan de sal vendor sa village na tinitirhan ko dati.


The Cold Breeze Arose


I just want to share this guys..

To a girl who give me courage and inspiration..

We found something in common

isa na ang pagbabasa sa PL..

we had fun chatting and talking on the phone..

i know we’re happy..

masaya na nagkakilala kami..

ligaya na hindi namin nadarama at nakukuha sa current relationships namin..

yeah… we’re both committed..

i admit, this is wrong..

but i love this girl..

and i mean it..

i hate myself for falling inlove so easily..

bigyan mo lang ako ng chocnut, tayo na..

we planned to see each other in flesh.

A Dose of Prose…


I woke up to your tight embrace,
your lips pressed against my face.
I smiled remembering how naughty we were last night,
I whispered to you “You did everything right.”

You slaped my thigh to stop me tease,
I sat on the bed and then we kissed.
but you stopped me from getting too passionate,
cuz you have to rush or you’ll be late.

Morning coffee and mood swings,
the secondhand seranade sings.
No time for breakfast you have to rush,
so you kissed me goodbye and then I’ll blush.

Stayed online talking to you all day,
Cant wait to be with you. I’ll meet you half way.

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