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The sky was dark the moon was high all alone just her and I Her hair so soft her eyes so blue I knew just what she wanted to do Her skin so soft her legs so fine I ran my fingers down her spine I didn’t know how but I tried my best to place my hand on her breast I remember my fear my fast beating heart but slowly she spread her legs apart And when she did I felt no shame as all at once the white stuff came At last it was finished it’s all over now, my first time…

The Chatroom 2


Guys, to fully appreciate this series I suggest that you read the first installment, for those who waited , my apologies…

The myth of the beautiful woman…well, beware of the absolute moment, a moment like this – when we sit, or lie, close together, muscles ticking, limbs at their most relaxed, bathed in the certainty of love. The absolute moment, when conversations soars, confidences are shared, coincidences between you and your lover pop up like crocuses in April.



Synopsis: Emma is a timid girl who was forced kissed by rough street bum. She is dominated and humiliated by another teenage streetgang. Emma was a very shy girl. She had a strict upbringing and consequently had a hang up about having sex. She was also very shy of her body as she had very small breasts on her petite frame and thought she looked childish, so nobody had seen her naked since she was a small child.

She was however a very sexual being, easily aroused and very horny. She masturbated regularly. At 24 she was a bit old to still be a virgin.

Sweet November Chill (Pampangueña / in_the_zone)


This work is based on a true story but the names of the people and places involved are proactively changed by the author to hide their identities. The following contains unsafe sex so if you do not tolerate such stories…



It’s me again back with a new post, the “College Secrets” series will be delayed to make way for this post.

This post will have a Third Person, Creative Writing format instead of the usual First Person, Narrative format that I have been using on most of my posts.



Ako si Leanne( di ko totoong name). Marami na akong naging karanasan sa sex, sa iba’t ibang lalake, sa iba’t ibang lugar at sa iba’t ibang pagkakataon. Hindi naman ako sex maniac dahil kaya ko pa rin kontrolin ang sarili ko kapag nais kong makipagsex. Hindi ko alam kong pano ako nahilig sa sex, pero bata pa lang ako ay may taglay na akong kalibugan. Mahilig akong mag ipit ng unan o kaya’y kumot sa pagitan ng aking hita, sa ganitong paraan ko nararamdaman ang kiliti sa aking puke. Kung minsan naman ay kinikiskis ko ang puke ko sa gripo habang ako ay naliligo.

College Erotic Suspense


Hi people, i’m back to tell this story during my college days. I studied in a well-known engineering school that time and i’m in my 4th year. I have a best friend / classmate named Doms and it happened that he has a GF – let’s call her Erms. Erms studied in a medical school also well known for doctors and nurses. She is not your average girl. She’s sophisticated and rich aside from the fact that she’s very attractive – slim, sexy, name it. But this story is not about her hehehe. Okay here it is, since i know Doms and i also knew Erms I wondered how her friends would look like too.

On Frail Wings of Seduction


This story is a work of fiction and the names and places involved are purely fictional, the author never intended to pinpoint a certain individual or event.

The author will not be held liable for any similarities that the story might have to certain events or places.

This is purely fictional, have fun reading,


parang walang nagyari


hello po sa lahat. first ko pong mag post dito. pagpasyensahan nyo na po at di ko pa ito na format ng maigi. wala na kasing time. pero sa susunod ay pagbubutihan ko. kung gusto nyo itong masundan.



ako si amboy. share ko lang sa inyo ang una kong karanasan sa sex.

matagal na rin itong nangyari ngunit naalala ko parin ang halos bawat

detalye sa gabing iyon.

may bago kaming kapitbahay noon. nabili nila ang bahay sa kapatid na

ninay na pumunta na sa ibang bansa. bagong kasal lang daw nila at

binusted ako ni classmate…


grade 5 kami nun. nung mabusted nya ako.. mahigit 16 na taon na kami hindi nagkikita ni anna. and i must admit sya ang first love ko..

one time when i was checking my email. nakita kong me friendster update sakin. so i turned to it and found out that one person wrote me a letter..

sabi nya: “hi do you still remember me”

sabi ko naman: “sino ka ba”

then the her next answer was her cellphone number. so i grabbed my phone and dial her number. the moment she said hello. i know it was anna. nagulat ako. for i wasnt expecting itll be her.

Ang Trabaho ay Trabaho


author’s note: i originally wrote this story months ago for another site. i just copy-pasted it here for fun’s sake. so if you think that you have read this somewhere else, it is definitely mine. cheers!)

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