The Lawyer 2


He followed me to bed and eagerly kissed me on the lips. I returned the favor and soon we were tasting each other’s tongue. The torrid kiss really set me in heat. Slowly he was caressing my breasts. His lips went down to replace his hands on my breast. His right hand found its way down between my legs. I felt his fingers carressing my clit.

He felt how wet I was. I was really in fire. He buried his face between my breasts as his hands were pushing my breasts in the middle to bury his face more. Soon enough, he was going down. I felt excited for I know what’s the next thing he will do. Shit! I have waited for his tongue.. for his lips.. to seal a kiss down there. His tongue was hot and exploring. “Aaaaahhhh…..” all I can say as his tongue went up and down in my slit down there and stopped to poke on my clit.

I felt his tongue on my clit as his finger was exploring my heaven hole. He savored his lips, his tongue on my clit, on my heaven hole. I came for several times. All I can do was to moan and breath heavily. I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him inside me yet he didn’t listen to my plea. He moved up and he let me licked the tip of his manhood. I was eager to return the delight he let me experience a while ago. I wanted him in my mouth dearly. I sucked him hard and he started to fuck my mouth…. Then he stopped…

He went back to my wet pussy. He licked it again.. ooooooohhhhhhhh… He licked and sucked my clit wildy that I can’t recall how many times I came in his mouth. “Ang sarap ng juice mo,” he said. Of course, with the way he ate me, this man knows how to please his lady. “aahhhhh… sarap…” Di ko alam saan ko ibabaling ang ulo ko sa unan. I was in heaven while he was eating me.

I wanted him inside me. This time, he listened to my plea. He positioned himself between my legs and started to tease my heaven hole with his hard stick. Damn it! He was such a tease. But I loved it.

ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.. shit it felt good. he was inside me. pumping on top of me.

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