My Falling Star (2nd post)


Like a piece of metal being pulled by a magnet, my lips returned to his. This time the kiss was wilder. Nibbles turned into gentle bites. He used his left hand to grab a fistful of my hair and pulled it gently, giving him complete access to my neck. “Ooooahhhh” was all I could say when I felt his hot tongue licking his way down from my chin to my neck. He made sucking motions with his lips that drove me mad with lust. I never knew I could feel so much pleasure from being licked and sucked in the neck until now. I wanted to do the same thing to him to him but his left hand on my hair kept me in place. I am where he wanted me to be.

When I was sure I couldn’t take it anymore, he used the tip of his tongue too trace a wet line from my neck down to the valley between my breasts… “‘Hmmmm…. vanilla, love it,” he uttered. That brought me back to earth’s atmosphere a little bit. He was referring to the perfume I was wearing. All I could do was nod.

He let go of my hair and started to raise the hem of my shirt up (finally!). I helped him remove it from me while he reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. When I got my shirt off, he removed the bra slowly from my body, letting his fingers trail down from my shoulders to my arms. He was taking his own sweet time and I had to bite my lower lip to prevent myself from telling him to hurry!

When he finally got the bra off me, he used the back of his hands to slowly caress my breasts. I looked into his eyes and I could see how intent he was on paying slow homage to my boobies. Since I was still straddling him at that time, I leaned backwards on my hands so he can see my breasts in all its glory. This seemed to delight him more because he smiled a little. He then continued to use the back of his hands and fingertips to make circular motions on my breasts, careful not to touch my hard, erect nipples.

I gathered whatever patience the Lord has given me to let him have his way with my breasts. The sight of his dark hands on my white breasts was such an erotic thing to watch. I focused my attention to it, fascinated with his hands, his fingers. In my mind I was thinking how much pleasure those fingers would be giving me in a short while. I was so into what I was imagining that I didn’t see it when he leaned forward and licked my right nipple.Have u ever seen a cat licking it paws? I have and it’s cute. But when it’s done to your nipples, its nakakaloka! (lol, sorry it’s what I really felt). Since I was still leaning back on my hands I could see him doing it. And what a sight it was. I couldn’t take my eyes off what he was doing. All I could do was bite back the moans and focus on breathing.

When he was done playing with the right nipple, he used both his hands to pull me closer, so now I was kneeling again, with him in between. Then he took my left breast into his mouth and sucked on it like a hungry baby. The shift from his gentle licking to his voracious sucking was so dramatic that I couldn’t help but moan. He pressed me closer to him so he could suck more of it and all I could do was let my hands and fingers roam his head.

“Suck it harder…” I pleaded to M. He did. It was somewhat painful but the pleasure was so much more intense. It was as if my whole being is concentrated in that part of my upper body. After a few more minutes of sucking, he shifted to the right breast which he so gently licked earlier and sucked it with the same ardour. There was nothing I could do but feel — feel the pressure and the pleasure that his mouth is making on my breast.

When he had his fill, he licked his way back to my lips and kissed me again. Gently this time. He asked ”Did you like it?” I said “Yeah…” Then, I felt his hands on my shorts and he said “Let’s take it off. Stand Up.”

Like a puppet pulled by strings I stood up. He shifted his position until he was kneeling in front of me and slowly unbuttoned my shorts. He peeled it off my body slowly; again, using light touches to trail a path from my hips, thighs and legs until I was completely devoid of it. My breathing grew heavier in anticipation of what he would do next.

Using his nose, he smelled my sex in the way that a wine connoisseur would smell a glass of wine. He nuzzled my sex through my white cotton panties while I tried to keep my balance on the bed. After a minute or two, he used a finger to trace my slit. I knew I was wet by then and now he knew it, too. “Nice….” I heard him say….

He kept stroking my sex through my panties while placing small kisses on my thighs. What he was doing was making it difficult for me to continue standing up. I had to place my hands in his broad shoulders for support. He took this as cue that I was ready and pushed my panties down to the middle of my thighs.

“Ahhhhhh…..ohhhhh…” was all I could mutter as he used the tip of his tongue to follow the outline of my slit. He was teasing me, barely making contact at all. It was driving me crazy but soon I figured out that two can play that game. So I watched him intently. Whenever I see him near to making contact, I’d move my hips a little so he’d miss. After several misses he realized what I was doing. He smiled up at me and we teased each other until finally he grabbed my hips on both sides and ate me like a madman.

“Shit…. ooohhhh…. oh Lord….” was all I could say while his lips and tongue made love to my pussy. His tongue sought my clit and gave it a slow licking at first, then faster and faster. My mind was devoid of any thought but that of his tongue on my clit. When he sensed that I was almost cumming, he licked his way down to my pussy hole and licked the juices that were starting to drip from me. When he had his fill, he slowly made his way into the hole itself and dipped his pointed tongue inside.

“Arrrgggghhhhhh….” Damn, my panties were still on my thighs so I can’t open my legs wider to give him more access to my cunt. I was hoping he would take it off but he didn’t. Instead, he continued to devour me like a piece of fruit. He would alternate between sucking my pussy lips, licking my juices, sucking my clit, and teasing darts of his tongue into my pussy hole. The room was completely silent except for my heavy breathing and the noises that his mouth on my cunt is making.

As moments passed, he started focusing on my clit. Sucking and strumming it faster with his tongue. “Come for me baby…” he said as he felt my clit hardening with every stroke of his tongue.”Come for me…” His plea proved to be my undoing and I had my first orgasm of the day while he was sucking my clit to numbness. Whew!

He gently laid me down to bed, took my panties off, and licked all my juices. His hands gently stroked and massaged my pussy area as if it was seeking forgiveness from the onslaught of his mouth. I felt like a cat being petted. “Did you like it?” I sat up and gently shoved him on the shoulder “Kailangan pa bang imemorize yan?” We laughed…

(to be continued…) Hope you guys liked it…

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