My Falling Star


I met M in a chat room. He was a popular figure in the chat room — I would find him saying the most outrageous things in the chat room. It might be about sex or life but he was sensible most of the time and I agreed with his”sayings.” I was drawn to this chatter but not to the point that I would seek him out. After all, I had admirers of my own.

Then one day, while he was in the chat room, I cursed men — in ALL CAPS. In just a few seconds I was surprised to see him send me a message via YM and ask me what the problem is. I told him about the issue I was having with a special male friend over chat and he listened. I forgot what he said about my special male friend because what we agreed to do the next day was far more exciting than that. We agreed to have a no strings attached sex. In short, SEB.

I have done SEBs before so it was nothing of out of ordinary. But what made this one a little special was the fact that I could feel the excitement building in every pore of my body. It’s as if my body knew that something life changing would happen. So I counted the hours until the end of shift (I work at nights), showered and eagerly went to our meeting place.

He was already checked in when I arrived and was watching basketball (Thank goodness!). The first thing I noticed about the room he got was that it was big! There were two beds, a larger one and a smaller one. There was a dining table. The bathroom had a bath tub and he was already filling it with warm water. Too bad I already showered before I went there.

I ate my take-out breakfast while he showered. I couldn’t help smiling. Really. It felt as if every cell in my body was anticipating the moment that’s finally going to happen in a matter of few minutes. I tried to calm myself down and eat the Goto from KFC. I wasn’t able to finish it. My hormones were all over the place and they want something else.

When he got out the shower, I remember telling myself this it. I pretended to watch TV. Surf channels, is the more apt description. I had to channel my energy into something else (I was afraid I might pounce on him, hahaha). Fortunately, I saw a tennis match. Sharapova was playing against an unseeded European (forgot her name) and we got to talking about hot tennis players.

While I tried to keep my eyes glued to the TV, I felt him move behind me. He started placing small kissed on the back of my head, my nape, to the side of my neck. The effect was heady, like drinking wine. I turned my head to the side so he can kiss the side of my neck freely. I could see him kissing me from the mirror — me clothed still in my white shirt and shorts, him naked above the waist. Then he turned my head so he could kiss me on the lips… Hmmm… was all I could mutter.

Have you ever kissed someone and felt like you’re home? That was how it felt at that time. He took his time kissing my lips, just feeling it. He moved a little so he could cup my breasts in his two hands while he was kissing me. He was slowly kneading my breasts, squeezing it softly and kissing me at the same time. Then I felt his tongue seeking entry into my mouth. And I gladly let it inside.
Without breaking the kiss he slowly turned me towards him. Then he cradled my head in between his hands and kissed me harder. I was taken aback for few seconds, unprepared for the onslaught of his marauding tongue. But I recovered soon and gave him as good as I’ve got. I played with his tongue, licked it and sucked it. I wanted to make sure he knows what he’ll get later (wink).

As the kiss grew deeper, I could feel his hands pulling me towards his body. I straddled his thighs and kneeled so he can freely roam his hands on my body. I couldn’t stop kissing me but his hands squeezing my ass were making me hornier so I licked my way to his right ear . I made love to his ear using the pointed tip of my tongue. I alternated between tracing the contours and ridges of his ear and making darting motions in the small hole. Judging from his small moans, he was liking it…

(to be continued…)

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