Why Do I Post Stories ba?


Written by: boobsybubbles69

I am sitting here in my bahay kubo – aside from my room… this is my favorite place mula ng mabili ko ang lugar na ito. Malamig kasi at nasa ilalim ng puno ng mangga.

Why nga ba ako nagpo-post ng stories sa PL. Wala lang? Trip lang? Inggit sa ibang writers?

Nah… I don’t think so.

I write because I want to share my thoughts.

What I am writing is about the naughty things I have done and also about things I would like to do – the things I just dream about, MY FANTASIES. My stories at PL are pure fantasy, created entirely in my mind, but all of them are a way of expressing my sexuality and sensuality. Just a product of the wandering mind of a thirty year old woman.

Ano pa ba….ganun ba lang yun….

So….why write stories about sexy adventures & fantasies?

Because it turns me on, makes me so horny. Uyyyy…. Tao lang po.. may init dapat na ilabas di ba. Hey…. I’m just being truthful here. Am single, no partner and no plans to have one… until when? I don’t know either.

I recently wrote a story about another fantasy. And while writing it, it works magic. I have to use my fingers to relieve the fantastic feelings generated by my writing. The thought of it being published makes me sooooo horny. And I’m always wondering of people, friends out there whose going to read my story and perhaps try out some of the naughty things I have described. Or maybe read it to their partner and make wonderful passionate love encouraged by my ramblings. Who knows? IT MIGHT BE YOU!!!!!

Then, of course, the FEEDBACK. Most of it has been encouraging, helpful and even complimentary.

On the other hand there is always going to be someone who hates it and takes the time and effort to say so.

But really, I thank those people for the negative comments and the very negative comments that has been in the minority. Nakaka-offend yung iba. And there are times na ayoko ng mag post pag super nega. But they can’t take away the excitement of me sitting here, my fingers alternating between the keys and my hot wet pussy, giving myself thrills as I try to thrill others. So… go lang ako in writing.

Where do I get my stories? There are 3 categories: true, half true and complete fantasy. Of the three, I prefer to let my mind do the roaming – dun kasi ako malakas, mag-imagine. Pag nasa Manila ako, in my house while doing the daily household chores, my bed, my bathroom, on my way to the office, sa office during breaktime, pag OB (travel official business) …., pag pauwi ng Laguna – sa bus or sa van. My mind roams over the forbidden and the highly unlikely. But truthfully, there is always a piece of me in every story that I write.

Dun sa mga nakikiraan lang… at magsasabing I’m bastos, maniac, malibog, green minded, whatever – hmmmm……. OK lang. I can’t please everybody nga. And no plans to do so. I’m here to please myself more. Don’t care kung mali ang English, mali grammar, the spelling… ay sus…pag umpisa pa lang di ninyo na feel – stop na lang reading.

Hmmm… Can you imagine what my boss Jem would have said or do if she finds out I’m posting this kind of stories. Ang kagalang-galang na friend, business partner and employee niya – me kulo pala nakatago lang. I don’t wanna know (mind you…I don’t care either). But maybe.. pag novena ako nun…hahaha….

Nah… she’ll never find out.

Everybody says happiness comes from within… right now … I am happy & contented – wala kasi akong nasasaktan at nayayapakang tao at yun ang pinaka-importante sa akin… And so be it.

Last…. Ano ang nasa utak ko bakit ko sinulat ito?

Answer: Wala lang..feel ko lang.. After resting for 4 days sa hospital due to hypertension (hey..not because of pl ha) and another 4 days hibernating – na walang cellphone, computer & internet. Ganado lang and I missed my keyboard very much. Sa ibang araw na lang yung iba pang na-miss ko.

Salamat po sa nagbasa….Peace!!!!

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