clark rendezvous


Chris has expressed his desire to be my boyfriend many times. From the moment we were both in college: I in a prestigious school in QC and he in a flying school, until now that I’m doing well at work and he already a pilot. It’s not that I don’t like him. But everytime he came along, I always seemed to have someone better in mind. Until one time that he caught me free and available.

“May flying exhibition kami sa Clark next Saturday. Wanna come?” He said in a text message.

“Uhm.. lemme see.” I replied. I always try to think of something else to do everytime he invites me.

“Ok. I really hope you’d say yes.”

After 3 days, I finally convinced myself to go with him. “Hi. Looks like I’ll see you on Sat. what time? where?”


“That’s far. I don’t have driver that day. Will I see you there? Or you’ll go pick me up here?”

“The exhibition will happen really early saturday morning. u might need to wake up at around 2am.”

“uh-oh. I’ll pass.”

“I can pick you up friday night. you can stay in my apartment. I’ll be back to work din pagkahatid ko syo sa bahay. ok with that?”

It took me hours to reply. A night with him? maybe not. or maybe.

“Ok. my last meeting would finish around 630pm friday. pick me up from office?”

“sige. bring ur things na. or u wanna pass by ur house first?”

I’m not actually ready to be seen with him by my friends or family. so I replied, “No na. I’ll bring my things. No need for dinner na rin after ha. late late merienda yung meeting ko. I hope it’s ok with u kung hindi kita masabayan sa dinner.”

“it’s ok. you can have dessert while i eat.”

My meeting finished around 7:30pm. He was waiting since 6pm. I knew he needed to go back to work after this to work on whatever they have the next day.

“Sorry. Really sorry. ang daldal ng kausap ko.”

“madaldal ka rin naman.”

“Nye. assuming ka. silent type kaya ako.” We laughed. It felt odd for me that I felt comfortable around him. He had dinner at pancake house, I ate salad. We got on with the drive along NLEX.

We got to his apratment. I was surprised na sobrang linis.

“May asawa ka ba?” I asked him. “Ang linis ng bahay mo. In fairness, I kinda expected na lalaitin ko yung bahay mo pagkakita ko. But no, maganda, maayos. Naghanda ka?!”

“hahaha. May manang na nagpupunta tuwing sabado para maglinis, maglaba. tamang tama, bukas, wala tayo, darating si manang. Ok ba yung kulay ng bahay? ganda diba. Si ate kasi nakialam. Nung nalaman na may bahay ako dito, sabi nya sya daw magdedesign. Practice na niya.” ID kasi yung sis nya. The house was pretty. It looked like a house of a newly married couple, not a bachelor’s pad. Haha.

“Isa lang yung room dito. Aalis naman ako maya-maya so ikaw na matulog dun. I’ll go home to take a bath and pick you up tom early morning.”

“Sure. No prob.”

It was past 11pm already when he left. I made myself comfortable by taking a shower. Nice, may hot and cold. parang resort. I love it! Then I changed into my sleep clothes. I wore just spaghetti strap and panty. Knowing he won’t be around. And even if he would, I really didn’t care. Hehe. I turned the aircon on and watched TV and fell asleep easily. Napagod ata ako.

I wasn’t in deep sleep yet when i felt the bed move. Dahil nga antok, hindi ko na naisip na nasa bahay ako ng iba at si Chris na yung tumabi sa kin. I was lying on my right when I felt him place his arm around my waist. It kinda felt nice and warm so hinayaan ko lang. I was enjoying the position so I pulled his arm closer to me that I can already feel his body. I knew we were both awake. I could feel his breaths. Maya-maya I already felt his hand rubbing my breast, searching for my nipple. In split seconds, my butt felt him get hard. He whispered, “Dee, I really want you. Please..”

I closed my eyes and enjoyed his had on my breast. He was aleady kissing my ear. Lalo kong nararamdaman na tumitigas na sya, and it was getting really warm. I think we can perspire. I tokk his arm off me and stood up. Left the room. (Shit, naka panty lang pala ako.) I opened the ref and got water.

He stood by the bedroom door. He was wearing only boxer shorts. His training made him look good. He walked near me. “Dee, please. I want you. I’ve been wanting you for years. Please.” I was quiet. I thought about what will happen after. Do i want to be his girl? Do I want to spend weekends here? Can he keep up with my lifestyle? I thought about a lot.

“Dee, what do you want? I wanne b with you. Anong kulang? Anong hinahanap mo?”

I really didn’t know what was holding me back. “I don’t know, Chris. Ewan. Ewan. Can we not talk about it?”

“Ok. Kung anong gusto mo.” We were quiet for a few minutes. He was still standing by the bedroom door and I was sitting on one of the chairs sa dining table. He walked to me and sat beside me. He took my hand and looked right at me. He cupped my face and pulled me in a kiss. Gentle, passionate and deep. I was already enjoying it and then I pulled away. I stood up and walked to the bedroom. and thought to myself. this is a good man. What’s wrong with me?

Iremained standing by the bed as I waited for him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered, “Is this a yes?” His hands kept carressing my tummy and butt. He also brushes his hands on top of my breasts just to feel my nipples. “Yes? Akin ka na ba?” I looked at him and looked a bit dismayed. “Only for tonight. Kahit tonight lang, Dee.” He started kissing my nape, sinasabayan an rin nya ng lamas sa boobs ko.

“Hhhmmm.. Chris, tonight.” He turned me around so I can face him. We started kissing. It was deep and gentle in the beginning thne we went passionate and rough na rin. I pushed myself closer to him and rubbed his hardness sa puson ko. “Hard na hard na. You really wanna be with me.”

“Years, Dee. years.” I could feel na gigil na gigil na sya sa boobs ko. He pulled my top up and started licking my nipples.

“hhhmmm. aah.” I had to reward his patience. “You wanna eat me, Chris?” Hindi na sya sumagot. He just motioned to the bed and lied down.

“Akala ko, you’ll eat me?”

“Oo nga. sit on my face.” That made me really horny. I sat on his flat tummy first and kissed him. “You are making me really horny.” I crawled up and positioned my pussy on top of his face, making sure he could still breathe. He started with slow tongue glides along my pussy lips. then went to my clit. he started sucking it. “aah. ah. ah. aaah. don’t stop.” He inserted a finger in my hole and continued sucking my clit. “aah. ugh. ugh. Chris! aah.” He was like a thirsty dog lapping my pussy. Sobrang saraaap. “Chris, cumming. cumming…. aaah! aaaah!” He still kept licking me.

“Chris, I wanna taste you naman. I’ll suck you while you eat me.”

“Sure?” I reached for his cock and started playing with it. hard na hard na talaga sya. It was a bit hard for me to concentrate kasi ang sarap talaga nung ginagawa nyang pagdila.. I started licking him. licking from the head to bottom. occasionally licking his balls din. “Aah. Dee. Sarap.” Sinubo ko na yung buo nyang titi. I licked, and sucked and my hand helped me give him pleasure. “aah. aah. ang saaraaaap..” Siya yung nahihirapan ng magconcentrate sa ginagawa nya. “Dee, I don’t wanna cum in your mouth.”

I faced him and sat on his tummy. “Fuck me Chris.” He turned me around so I can lie on my back. He pread my legs open. Hinawakan nya muna ung puke ko. “Slippery when wet. hahahah!” He positioned his dick on my pussy. Rubbing my clit and pussy lips first. and then pinasok na nya.

“aah!” He raised my legs and placed them on his shoulders. “Dee, ang sarap mo. Ang sikip pa rin.” He was fucking me really hard and deep. “aaah! aah! Chris! aah! faster! bilis pa. uhgghmm.” He pulled me up and made me sit on his lap, while all the while not taking his cock out of me. we were both sitting. “Mas matagal pag ganto. para hindi tayo agad magcum.”

He rocked gently, kissing my breasts, sucking my nipples alternately. I started bouncing gently on top of him.. “Chris, I wanna cum. I want you to cum na.”

I pushed him so he can lie on his back. I started going up and down him. Minsan dumudulas ung titi nya, pero ok lang. binabalik ko na lang. “Dee, malapit na ko… aah. kaya mo pang bilisan?”

“aaaahh.. sige.. aah.”

I went faster and faster. I thoguht I went crazy. Felt so good. “Dee, cumming. aah. alis ka na dyan.”

“Ako rin, cumming na. Cum inside me.”


“Cum inside me Chris.” He held my waist and controlled the pace. sobrang sarap. “aah. Aah! ugh! Chriiisss!” I felt him explode in me. I wasn’t sure if I was safe that time, but something inside me knew that if he ever got me pregnant, he wouldn’t leave me.

“aah. Dee, ang sarap.” I lied on top of him, nasa loob ko parin titi nya and he turned me to my side. hindi parin nya inalis. “Oo nga. Chris, ang sarap. I can do it again.”

“Talaga? and again? and again?”

I didn’t get pregnant that time. We continued to see each other after that. Marami pang sumunod na great sex with Chris. I’ll share next time.

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