D @ The Office


Written by: jettseiba

Hi guys! Sensya na natagalan tong second part ng encounter ko with D.

After that little incident at the Fort, we talked about trying out each other. Note lang guys, I’m not a good looking guy, just an average Juan na may beer belly pa. D was this MILF hottie, petite, cute and really hot in the sheets. That would be for later na. So pinagplanuhan namin yung full body encounter.

It so happens na I’ve been fantasizing about doing someone sa office. Rather spacious dito, lots of seats and carpeting. As luck would have it, may order si boss na magpa-install ng electronic door sa isa sa internal offices namin for a project. I was asked to come in on a Saturday. Dagdag swerte pa, it was the same day when Harry Potter 7 was to be released (lam nyo na kung kelan to). Kaya sobrang memorable tong encounter na to eh.

So I went to Powerbooks sa Greenbelt so early in the morning. For those who have bought the book, lam nyo na experience nun, pila. 5am pa lang daw pila. I wasn’t in a hurry, so I lined up, got my book, and walked across Makati to my office, opened it up and went in. I turned my PC on, played loud music while I read my book and waited for the workers to come. One malas lang, andun din yung finance officer namin, so abangan talaga. The workers naman came near lunchtime and got to work immediately.

D came to the office around lunch. Sweet of her din to bring a container of spaghetti, so nakalibre ako ng lunch. Tapos, she came into my tech room, opened her laptop and got some work done na din, while I read the book and checked on the workers’ progress once in a while.

3PM. Pasok si finance officer sa office, sabi alis na daw sya to meet with a friend. Ayos. 4PM. Natapos din yung mga workers on the door. Damn lucky din na D was small, she was barely visible over the cubicle walls, so mukhang alone ako dito sa tech room. Once they left, I switched off most of the office lights muna.

D packed up, sabi nya, “Ano, alis na din tayo?”. I closed the tech room lights and the door. Tapos I sat on my high-backed chair, told her, “Lika dito.” She got the idea immediately, went to me and we kissed torridly. I was squeezing her ass, and rubbing her bod. Next, I turned her around on my lap, made her sit on me and started kissing her neck.

“God, don’t stop…” sabi nya, as I pulled her shirt up and fondled her cute chest. It didnt take long till I got her bra off and my shirt and pants off, pero she still wore her jeans.

“Tama na to…”, she said. “Baka mahuli pa tayo.”

“Ako bahala.” Sabi ko sa kanya, as I laid my big santa top on the carpet that I had hung on one of the cabinets, and used it as a mattress. Then, I laid her down, and pulled her pants off.

“Wag na lang natin ituloy.”, she said weakly, pero di ko pinansin yun and got between her legs and started kissing her nipples. Soft moaning came from her. She started wrapping her arms around me, as I reached down and started to finger her slowly.

“Sige pa…” she moaned. She had told me her ex hadn’t touched her for about a couple of years na. That first encounter at the Fort was really a first, and an adventure for her. And now, iba naman. I started to take her thong off (she likes sexy undies) for easy access sa kanyang pussy. Pero gusto ko na talaga tong tikman, so I went down on her pussy…damn! Bagong ahit! You can tell kasi medyo rough, pero ansarap! She was really getting into it.

Di na talaga ako makagatal, so I decided to take the plunge, and a long moan came from her lips. She wasn’t that tight, pero it was burning hot and wet, so I pumped slowly at first, gradually increasing my tempo. She was panting na, sarap na sarap, wala nang masabi because I could see she was trying to get off too.

After another 2mins, I took it out, stood her up and did her doggie as she bent over one of the empty cubicles and I pumped her from behind. Medyo inalala ko lang baka mauntog sya, so I took it a bit long and slow pumping motions, pero she was really squeezing my dick hard na, wanting to pump it dry. Ansarap talaga ng MILF na to, especially kung tigang na!

After a moment, we moved around to the window, sat down on one of the swivel chairs, and she sat down on me, both of us facing the window outside. Take note, my office is above 15 stories (no, di ko sasabihin exact office ko, baka may makahula) and the view from there was nice. Buti na lang tinted sa labas yung windows. This time, it was her grinding on my dick for all its worth. From the way I felt, I think she was going for her fourth orgasm na nun. Ang higpit ng pussy nya eh!

Finally, we stood up again after nearly 10mins of grinding, had her kneel on my chair and doggie fucked her one last time. I pumped and grinded her pussy. Kita ko pagod na sya, pero sarap naka pinta sa mukha nya. I bent forward to squeeze her breasts, pumped a few more times, and pulled out. Blasted my cum on her ass as she fell forward, tired and sexed out.

Naka-one round kami, pero nearly an hour ko din natikman ang tindi nya! This was our only encounter sa office, the rest…well, saka nyo na malalaman.

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