Written by: jakesnake21

For the first time, I dreamt of her. I didn’t want to wake up because the way she made me feel was… so great. We were together. We were going out and seeing places. We slept together, though not that we had sex or anything. I just lay down beside her as we went to sleep in my dream, which was kinda weird. Anyway, we are just friends I guess. Right now, we are. And I think she has no clue that I have these feelings for her. Did I mention that she was around 7-8 years older?

Yes, and she’s a very successful woman. For someone who graduated from law school, she’s very beautiful. In fact, she looks very young for her age. She has the curves and a very light skin. Most people would say that she’s cute. She’s slim, though not thin of course. Let’s just say she has a body that is just right. Not too fat, nor not too thin. She’s tall for a woman, as she’s almost as tall as I am at 5’7. She has long dark hair and a clear skin, meaning she has no pimples. Her butt is curvy too. It looks delicious from a distance as she wears short thin shorts. Sometimes I get a boner just by looking at it. But I guess, that’s all I can do. Just look and enjoy the view.

When I asked her what she is looking for in a man, she answered first that he must be financially stable. Woah, of all the things to say, why that? I just graduated from college for crying out loud and being financially stable was close to impossible. I know that she’s probably out of my league and our relationship as friends will stay that way. We met through a common friend and that common friend has now isolated himself from the world. We had a falling out but it doesn’t matter. We remained to be friends despite that incident. In fact, her brother and I became best friends.

So much for the introductions, I know what you’re here for the ACTION. Here it is…

If I can see the future, I wish I’d see this scene in the future…

For the first time, I’m going to sleepover at Anthony’s house. He’s a nurse but he’s currently off duty. He lives with his sister, Anne. Yes, she’s the one we’re talking about here. The plan was to have some strong drinks and pulutan while talking and watching a famous TV series throughout the evening.

It was 3am and Anthony is wasted. He’s already passed out. Anne looked dizzy but she’s still up. I’m feeling a little dizzy myself but I’m still conscious. We were all on a sofa in the living room. With Anthony in between us, I’ve decided to move him to the side so that we can talk better. I poured another glass of The Bar on the rocks on her glass and mine and we drank until the bottle was empty. This time, she looks like she’s going to pass out.

“Sakit na ng ulo ko JC, tutulog na ko.” She said. “Sige, mukhang di mo na kaya. Hehe” I answered. “Patulong naman parang di ko na kayang tumayo”. “Sure”

She’s just wearing a t-shirt and short short. As I accompanied her at the stairs, her body was leaning towards me. I can almost feel her breasts on my chest as I almost carried her to her room. When we entered her room, I lay her down to her bed.

“Salamat JC ah.”

“Anu ka ba, wala yun, sige magpahinga ka na” I sat down beside her and I touched her soft smooth legs gently. I was really in heat at that time. I did not even know why I did that. She seemed to like it. I slowly brought it up in her thighs. She grabbed my hand and guided it towards her breasts outside her shirt. It turns out, she’s also in heat! This is my chance, I told myself.

“JC I need someone to fuck right now. Ang tagal tagal ko ng walang sex” I remembered that she just broke up with her boyfriend around three months ago. Three months is a long time.

“Sure, my pleasure..” I said. I went on top of her and removed her shirt. I leaned over and kissed her lips wildly. “MMMmMMMMmmm..” “Ang sarap mo palang halikan” I told her. “Marami pang masarap sa akin” She answered. “I can’t wait to find them all out” I replied.

As I was kissing her, my hands are busy too playing with her nipples. The other hand went down and inside her shorts. I felt that she was really wet. “Basang basa ka na. Sabik na sabik ah” I said. “Oo eh, I need this badly” She replied.

She unzipped my shorts as we continued to kiss wildly. She was aggressive and her actions were really intense. I felt that she missed feeling a cock in her hands and inside her. I brought my cock out for her. She was excited as she pushed me on the side. “Patikim nga” she teased.

She was now on top and I was lying on the bed with my shorts down. She sucked my cock like there’s no tomorrow. She was really good! She first licked the head and played it with her tongue. Then she slowly rubs it as she licks on the sides of the shaft. She was really playful as she gave me a very wet blowjob. After that, she moved up and down continuously. I grabbed her head and I fucked her mouth. She suddenly had to stop for a bit as she said “Wag masyadong malalim, di pa ko sanay e”. Then she giggled. “Sorry, I got too excited ang galing galing mo kasi…” I said. She then continued sucking on my cock while constantly rubbing it. I also grabbed on her hair at times to fuck her mouth and she seemed to enjoy it. When I was about to come, I told her “ Malapit na ko, sige pa… Oohhhh” She just continued and moved even faster than before. Up and down… “Shiit, I’m coming Anne, ang galing mo! Oohhhhh” I came in her mouth and it was okay with her. I had a lot of load and she seemed to enjoy it. She even played with my cum in her mouth. She spit some and swallowed some. “Lumulunok ka pala… The best!” I praised her. “Minsan lang pag feel ko… ang sarap ng cum mo..” then she giggled. “Oh, ako naman…” It was my turn to make her happy.

I just wish this night won’t end……… much like my dream. But the sad part is that both of these weren’t true. They say our dreams are just reflections of the subconscious, so what happens in your dreams probably will stay there. I also can’t see the future so this incident probably won’t happen.

This is the first time I’m writing here and it will probably be the last. I just needed someone to know how I feel.

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