UP TO NO GOOD (The First Wedding) part 1


Written by: ganda_dalaga

Hi guys! Sorry next time ko na lang ulit kwento about our exp. For the meantime eto muna bago ko story my own dream! Hehehehehe!

Chapter one
The First Wedding (part 1)

I was alone in the vestry. Just through the open door I could hear the full church breathing; my relatives, my friends, my soon to be husband, all waiting for me. ‘ Let them wait a moment ,’ I thought. I looked down at my body, giftwrapped in white lace. I ran my hands over my breasts, pushed up and together by the tight, bond bodice, imagining my new husband running his hands over them tonight, undoing the tiny pearl buttons, unwrapping my breasts and taking the nipples in his mouth.

A polite cough made me turn: the vicar, come to see what was keeping me. He was blushing slightly, embarrassed at catching me touching myself so brazenly in his church. ‘Are you ready? He asked in a husky whisper. He was young: big, brown, serious eyes fixed on mine, big hands fiddling with the trimmings on his robe. I turned right round to face him, my hand still on my breasts. He was looking at me intently, with fascination, almost with fear. I held his gaze, testing him, seeing how far I could stretch this silence. In the church, I heard a small child begin to wail.

‘Nearly,’ I replied. There’s just one thing-perhaps you could help me with it?’
‘Of course-what is it?’ he asked.

I just had time to whisper ‘ this’ before my mouth was on his, my fingers in the curls at the back of his head pulling him into me. For a split second shock held him rigid, and then his animal instincts took over and his tongue plunged into my mouth as fiercely as mine had entered his.

Even through his robes I could fell his erection, big and hot. He’s been stiff since he first came in and saw me,’ I thought. His hands were on my breast, my buttocks, squeezing against my belly, but I couldn’t find the hem of the cloth, so I put my hand over it and squeezed it through the layers, hard and quickly. A little moan, like a cry of surrender, escaped from his mouth that was still pressed against mine. He seemed momentarily to lose control of his limbs and, as his hands loosened, I slid down to my knees in front of him, my train spreading out into a pool of white lace.
Now I could get under his skirts. I unzipped his fly and finally had my hand on his cock. It was almost burning hot, swollen taut with desire. I was trying to get my head through the priestly layers and put this beautiful prick in my mouth, but my reverend friend had other ideas: nearly falling on top of me in his urgency, he dropped to his knees and pushed me backwards on to the stone floor.

It was my turn to have my skirts thrown aside. He was so desperate to get his cock inside me that he didn’t even stop to take my knickers down; he pulled them to one side and entered me in in a single stroke. Excited as I was, and slippery with arousal, I gasped at the force with which he penetrated me. With one hand he held my head back, fingers twisted in my hair, and kissed me as if his tongue were fucking me as well as his cock. The other hand gripped my shoulder, bracing me against his thrusts. My bare thighs above the white stockings rubbed against the cold paving stones.

He fucked me hard and deep and fast. The end of his prick hit the neck of my womb with every thrust, and his body banged against my clit. The pleasure was nearly pain, so big was his cock and so merciless hi ploughing. I felt that nothing could stop him now till he had come.

I looked up and saw, behind him,rows of hymn books lined up on the shelves. I thought of the congregation sitting, patiently waiting for us to join them. As I stuck my middle finger into his arse, I imagined my bridegroom coming to look for us and seeing us here, me on my back on the floor, my white dress spread out in the dirt, and the vicar fucking me like an animal. He pressed his face into my breast to smother the cry he gave as he came, his whole body shaking as his thrusting gave way to uncontrollable spasms. Biting on a handful of his vestments to stifle my voice, I was overtaken by my own orgasm, waves which shook me from inside to out, as I pictured my bridegroom’s face: shock and disgust mingled with arousal at the sight of me being fucked on the floor.

‘Jenn?’ The familiar voice startled me. ‘wake up, we’re nearly there.’ My sister’s amused eyes were looking at me in the rear-view mirror, and my brother-in-law shifted irritably as I removed my head from his shoulder.

To be cont.

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