Out Of My League


Written by: Stan

There was this girl. Fair complexion, angelic face, amazing body, demure but sophisticated. Shes is the kind of girl that you would see in a bar, and the good side of you says ‘No she’s too nice’; but then the devil side says ‘Fuck it, just do it!’ Yes she is stunning. And I thought she might be way out of my league.

Call me Stan. 32 years old and working as a Systems Analyst dito sa Makati. ‘Carla’ is an officemate and everybody has a crush on her, me included. Who wouldn’t? She’s got the perfect tits (they’re firm and young but not like watermelons) that one would like to squeeze while you fuck her; and the face that you would like see while groaning in ecstacy. In short, yes she was dating someone. A small-time actor daw. Ang swerte naman nung gago.

Anyways lets go to the story. One stormy Friday night, I was trying to decide whether to go home or not kase malakas ang ulan. I was in the parking lot smoking when a car stopped across me. I recognized the car and I waved my hand. It was Dianne’s car. Dianne, a close friend of Carla, is a teammate sa office.

“Hey Stan, uwi ka na?”

I walked closer to her car and I realized Carla was in the car too. Mukhang gigimik. “I am not sure. Ang lakas ng ulan eh!” I said.

“Tara sama ka sa amin, la kami boys eh!” she barked.

I pretended to be thinking for a second while I glanced at Carla. She was smiling and I couldn’t wait to say yes. “Are you buying?”, I joked at Dianne.

“Why don’t you take care of the beer and we’ll take care of the tequila?” she quipped.

“You’re on.” Sabi ko. “Sundan ko na lang kayo.” Sabay kindat sa kanilang dalawa. They were giggling.

Sa kotse pa lang tinitigasan na ako. I was swearing if I get the chance I will fuck at least one of them. But Carla is the target. Dianne is not too bad but fucking Carla is like winning ng tumbok sa Jueteng. “Would she do me?” I kept asking myself. Just the thought alone made me hard, at tumitibok –tibok talaga yung burat ko I remember.

We got into the restaurant and we shot the first round of tequila as soon as we sat at the bar.

“Uh nice!” I said. Ang sarap, feeling ko namula agad yung pisngi ko. “So what’s up with you guys? Ano’ng balita?” I asked them.

“Uhmm well, Carla here broke up with her boyfriend and gusto niya mag-celebrate for her new freedom.” Dianne said. I looked at Carla and I saw contentment and easiness. She doesn’t seem hurt I thought.

“Yup. Free and ready to engage….” Carla said as she prepares to drink another round. My God maglalasing ‘tong mga to! I said to myself. I couldn’t figure what she meant pero uminom na lang din ako.

That moment, I couldn’t stop thinking about forming a plan. I realized these ladies would be drunk tonight and at least one of them would be horny and would look for sex. I made a decision to flirt with Dianne. That way, Carla would feel insecure about herself because she doesn’t have somebody. If she flips and shows me a sign, I will jump-ship right away LOL. If not, I still get to bed Dianne

So I got the plan rolling nicely. I would sometimes stare at Carla and let her know of my desire by giving her naughty glances. I wish I could tell her that tinitigasan talaga ako sa kanya. That I would love to spank her. That I would fuck her over and over again. That I would love to cum in her mouth…..

“Jeezz lasing na yata ako!” biglang sabi ni Dianne. They had about 5 or 6 shots of tequila and I figured its about time. I have switched to beer so ok pa ako. In fact, hindi ako tinatamaan because all I kept on thinking was sex and the friggin plan! Dianne was right. She didn’t look good at all. May tama na kase hindi pala sanay uminom ng maramihan at sunod-sunod. What happened next was what I was hoping would happen.

Dianne leaned her head on my shoulder and she started rubbing my thigh. Nakadikit na din ang dede niya sa arm ko. I drank my beer while enjoying the warmth of her body and feel of her hands. Again, tumibok-tibok na naman ang burat ko. In the corner of my eyes, I knew Carla was watching. And I knew she would like to feel someone’s body like her friend. I gave her a long stare and tried to talk to her through my eyes. She stared back at me for a couple of seconds, bit her lip and glanced away. I got her. Alam ko she wants the same thing.

A couple more shots and Dianne was done. She ran to the restroom at sinundan siya ni Clara. When Clara came back, the news was not new to me.

“She threw up. Hindi na siya makatayo, Stan.” Clara said when she came back.

“Tara iuwi na natin siya” I said.

We went to the restroom and I found out she was at the farthest cubicle. The biggest cubicle of them 3. I went inside and I saw her sitting on the floor while her head was laying on the bowl cover. She was absolutely wasted. I knelt down and I tried to talk to her. Carla knelt down too and the next thing I know, I was 2 inches away from her face. I smelled alcohol and fragrance in her breath and that’s when I completely lost my mind.

I kissed her mouth as I held her cheek firmly and to my surprise she kissed me back. Wildly. I stuck my tongue inside her mouth and she reciprocated my act. Ang sarap niyang humalik puta. I guided her up at sinandal siya sa corner while I explored her butt.

“SSShhhittt Stann baka magising si Dianneee….” Sabi niya habang kinakapa ko yung pekpek niya in her slacks. I didn’t listen to her, instead I kissed her more while I slid my hand thru her blouse.

“Angg banggoo mo Carla…” I squeezed her boobs wildly with her bra on. I heard her sigh and say “Yeesssshh”. That’s when I realized this could happen! I flipped her pants button open and she just roughly kissed me. I zipped her fly down at kinapa kaagad ang clit niya… Ipinasok ko na kaagad yung kamay ko sa underwear and I found her clit and wet pussy.

“Ohhh Goodd..” was all she could say. I watched her say those words as I smirked my devil smile. I flicked her tinggil up and down and watched her flip her head back.

Click. The restroom door opened.

“Shit may tao!” I whispered. Bigla kaming natauhan and we immediately got back to our senses. While fixing her pants, I asked her to play it calmly. If in case pumunta sila sa cubicle to see whats going on, just tell them that we are just assisting a wasted friend. She agreed and she couldn’t look me in the eye. Nahihiya sa nangyari.

I didn’t want to lose my momentum so I kissed her gently in the lips. She kissed me back nice and slow. We were looking at each other eyes naughtily. It was weird and exciting. Three minutes later we heard the door clicked again. Wala na sila. I bent down to see anyone in the room. None.

I jumped on her again. I was wilder this time. I slid my tongue deep into her mouth and pressed my body onto her. Kinapa ko ulit siya sa pepe. She moaned. She bit her lips. I tried to pull her slacks down when she said:

“No, no, no. Baka may dumating ulit…” She was kissing me passionately. I knew konting tulak lang at bibigay din to.

I had to have her. “Give me 5 minutes.” I said while I looked her in the eye, still flipping her clit. I knew she couldn’t say no. There was no way because libog na libog na siya. She was too hot to say no.

“I haven’t… I haven’t done anything like this, Stan… and Dianne isss…” I cut her and pulled her pants down and knelt right away. She didn’t know what to do so I guided her to turn around. I pulled her panties down and I didn’t realize I was staring at her beautiful ass.

“I have been dreaming of these bumps since I met u” I joked. She smiled at me naughtily. I pulled her butt back and dinilaan ko ang puki niya. I tasted her juice. Mabango siya. Malinis ang mga folds.

“Nnnoooooo Stannnnn…. Yyyyyeessss!” Those three words that will forever be engraved in my mind. Like music that I will never forget. Dinilaan ko siya up and down while I played with her clit. I occasionally inserted my finger into her wet cave but I didn’t’ stop flicking her clitoris. “Ohhh my Goodd” was her favorite phrase I suppose. Several seconds later she trembled. I smiled and licked her fluid.

I stood up and kissed her navel. She looked tired. But I wasn’t done yet. I lift her right thigh and entered her from behind. Ang sikip ng puki niya. I was wrong this is no Jueteng Jackpot. More like a slot machine jackpot. Dahan dahan ko siyang pinasok. Masikip, malapot at mainit. That’s all I could think of.

I held her neck with my left hand. I wanted to be rough. I wanted to spank her bad. I helped her take off her blouse but asked her to leave the bra on.

“Ilabas mo suso mo” I ordered her. She was gasping for breath but she managed to unhook her bra in the front. Her firm boobs jumped out of the open. Libog na libog kong sinalo ko yun… Ahh right there I believed there was God. I was in paradise. I did not want to stop.

“Oh God Stan ang lakii!! Right there! Rightttt there!!!” She was getting delirious while I was fucking her dog-style. I pulled her hair and watched her groan. She was getting noiser and noiser each time I ram my penis into her vagina. But I loved each word she said. They were music in my ears.

I watched her cum once more. Tumirik ang mata niya. Nanginginig siya habang sinasalubong niya ang bawat kadyot ko. I was not blinking. I did not want to miss anything. It was like a porn movie. Nilapirot ko ang isang utong niya. She gasped. I slapped her butt and she gasped once more.

I turned her around. I am ready to explode. “Malapit na ako..” I whispered to her. She stared deep into my eyes and I thought her eyes sparkled. She smiled and asked me, “You wanna cum inside me?”

Sinandal ko siya sa cubicle and held her in the neck with my left hand. “Beg me!” I said and acted tough.

“Please… cum inside me..” she pleaded.

I lifted her left thigh and entered her again. Hard. I watched her face moan each time I thrusted. I fucked her hard and fast. “Shit, shit shit” were her words this time. Kinantot ko siya habang sakal ko siya sa kaliwang kamay. I was crazy. I couldn’t stop. I pounded her young pussy and I climaxed into her deepest part. I closed my eyes but I knew she was watching me. ‘’’Aahhhh fuckk!!” was my final line.

I kissed her once more and we smiled at each other. I looked down at our friend Dianne to see how she was doing. Still snoring in her own world.

We put our clothes on and guided Dianne out.

The end of an original story.

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