The Fast And The Furious


Written by: Stan

”Pare 6 o’ clock.” I knew what Rigor meant. There must be a hot chick somewhere at the back. Rigor, barkada ko, and I were sitting at the bar of a small joint sa Jupiter Ave one weeknight.

After a few seconds, pasimple akong lumingon to look at this girl he was talking about. Rigor threw a strike. A man’s bitch. Bilog ang mga mata, makinis, maputi, mukhang malandi at sexy. She was with some friends and they were drinking some margaritas. I grinned at umiling-iling kay Rigor. Now we have something to talk about. We were both tired of talking about work, sports and cars. We needed something to make the creative juices flowing.

”Isang libo sa unang maka-first base.” Rigor dared while smiling.

”You got a bet.” sabi ko after putting down my third beer. I didn’t tell him that I saw this particular lady by McDonalds earlier that day. Tumango ako sa kanya and I smiled at her. I thought she smiled back.

”Bottom’s up, pampalakas ng loob!” sabi ni Rigor as he put up another beer. “Cheers!”

Some minutes later, he went to the restroom for some reason. I was enjoying a hard rock song when somebody tapped my shoulder. “Yes?….” sabi ko sabay lingon. Holy Mary and Joseph! It was her in her hot mini-dress. She didn’t say something. She was just smiling. Teasingly.

I blinked. I closed my mouth and smiled. I stared at her for a few seconds, walang kurap. “What’s up with you?” I teased while checking her body out.

”Nothing. I just came by to tell you that I am into…..uhm…” She stopped.

”… into what?” I asked.

”……. into…bad boys like you..” She bit her lips as she looked down. She looked back up to me and smiled naughtyly.

I didn’t show her my excitement. But I was thrilled. I was as excited as beating Rigor’s one thousand. I smiled and said, “Well, I know some place where you could find one..” Hindi pa rin ako kumukurap.

”San?” She simply asked.

”Sa kotse ko. You wanna get out of here?” I stood up and dared her. Bahala na kung kakagat siya. Rigor will be here any minute at ayoko mabulilyaso.

”Sure!” Bumilog ang mga mata niya when she said it. I felt my penis stiffen inside my pants. I held her arm quickly and motioned the bartender that I would be back. He was smiling like a dog.

We walked about a mile papunta sa parking lot. When I got the chance na walang tao, I whispered something in her ear or let my right hand explore her waist and ass. Tigas na tigas na ako nun. I was sure she was as hot as me. She was laughing all the time. She was ecstatic of what I was doing to her when…

My phone rang. It was Rigor. “O san ka na?” tanong niya.

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. “Andito sa parking lot. Be back in 10 minutes.” I said.

”Hayup ka, Stan. Wala na yung chick, ang bangis mo hayup ka talaga!” We were laughing as we hung up.

I realized my car was parked next to a concrete wall. Nasa dulo kami and medyo hindi naiilawan. And there were not too many cars around so I came up with a nasty plan. I kissed her wildly while I opened the left backseat door. I asked her to go in.

”Don’t sit, tuwad ka..” I whispered to her while my hands explored her back and shoulders.

She knew what I was thinking. I was going to fuck her dog-style with the car door wide open. “Ohhh.. don’t forget the rubber, babe..” was all she said. I didn’t waste any time. I looked for a condom sa compartment ko and I found one. One with studs. Yari ka sakin, I thought.

I came back to my position, my back being five feet away from the wall. She looked at me with lust as she bent over. I stared at her as I slapped her ass. I saw her sigh, breathe hard and smile. “Again please!” She ordered me. Puta ang libog nito. I slapped her harder and flipped her skirt up. Ahhhh T-Back. She is biting her lips now as she waits for me. Yumuko ako to spread the little cloth that covered her groin. Shaved ang gaga. At mabango ang puki niya. I flicked her clitoris paikot-ikot, up and down, left and right at pinisil-pisil. I heard her say “AAAhhhh ahh” or “ohhhh” or ”yesss yesss yesss”. I was right, malibog ang babaeng ito. And she would scream when I occasionaly spank her butt.

”Tttaake mee noww pleasee…” I heard her beg me.

I fingered her faster. I knew she was almost there. “What did you say, babe?” I teased..

”Fuuuckk me!!! Fuckk me now pleasseee!!” She begged.

Dinuraan ko puki niya to please her. “Ohhh yessss!” she exclaimed. I stood up and positioned myself for the main course. Ipinasok ko buong burat ko on the first thrust. I spread her butt so I could enter her deep.

”Ohhhh annnoo yunnn, annngg sarraappp!!” I smiled. She was talking about my atificial bolitas.

”Do you want that? Huh? Huh?” I asked her while I pumped her vagina non-stop.

”Owww oowww owwww ohhhh fuccckkk yessssss!!! Yyeesss!!!” She exploded and her pussy dripped.

”You want me bad, right? You want me bad?” sabay palo sa pwet. Tumango siya. Again and again. She couldn’t stop cumming. She burried her head onto the seat as I fucked her furiously. Hard and fast. Hinila ko parang kabayo yung thong niya while I ram her some more. Malapit na ako.

”I wanna cum in your mouth!” I shouted. “Now!!!”

She turned around, knelt down on her knees sa labas ng kotse and opened her mouth. It was perfect. I was ready to explode that moment.

”Look at meee…. Ayan na….” nanginginig kong sabi… Pung! Pung! Pung! Nilabasan ako. The first spurt hit her right eyebrow. The rest went all in her mouth. “Ahhhhhh….” I cleaned her eyebrow with my finger, spread them all inside her mouth. She licked em. And swallowed em all.

Ten minutes later, magka-akbay kaming bumalik sa bar. Rigor was outside smoking a cigarette. He was smirking.

”Rigor, pare, meet…..” I couldn’t believe I forgot to ask her name. I felt awkward and did not know what to say.

”Meagan. My name is Meagan.” sabi niya sabay abot ng kamay ni Rigor.

We were all laughing after that. When we were about to go inside, Rigor said, “Hey guys you might want to go sa restroom. Gulo-gulo yung buhok niyo.”

This is the end of an original story.

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