My wife;s secret


It feels good to be back…. hehehe busy kasi sa law school pahirapan kasi sa recitation defending your answer with the provisions of the laws… hi nga pala kina hunnybun, sexytin, survivor and others who commented on my previous post… anyway here it goes:

It had been a manic morning! At around 10 the computer network had crashed, resulting in everyone going back to using pen and paper, and then at 2 the fire alarm had gone off. After the fire department had arrived it was discovered that it was a fault with the system and we were sent home until it was fixed!

So there was me, quite pleased at having the afternoon off, heading home to catch up on some well needed time with the wife. My wife Julie is 5′6″. 26 with a fantastic pair of D cup tits. She’s a size 12, but it looks good, covered in all the right places, not too thin, and not too fat. Just right in my eyes.

We had been married for nearly 3 years, and the sex was awesome, she gives head better than any one I’ve ever been with and always works her socks off in bed.

I pulled up in the drive and walked in the front door. I was about to call to say I was home, when I noticed two pairs of shoes at the door that weren’t mine. Curiosity got the better of me and I didn’t shout, but went into the hall to see if I could hear anyone.

Listening carefully I could hear noises upstairs, it didn’t sound like conversation, and straight away I had a mixture of sick feeling in my stomach, and a racing of my heart. Deep down I’d always wanted to see Julie with another man, but the thought of her doing it without telling me hurt.

I sneaked up the stairs and from the top of the stairs, my dreams and fears were realised….

With the bedroom door wide open, I could see what was going on inside, julie was on all fours on the bed, she was wearing her special black lingerea that I’d bought her, black, with red ribbons that increased her cleavage and pushed her boobs up, attatched to this were a pair of black suspenders and underneath she was wearing a slim black thong.

Infront of her was a guy I’d never seen, slightly bigger than myself, but with a little more weight, he was completely naked and Julie was going to town on his cock. Making small gagging noises as she swallowed as much of his cock as she could, while massaging his balls with the hand she wasn’t using for balance. He had both hands on the back of her head, slowly pushing it onto his cock in time with her moving up and down.

Behind her and slightly to the side was a smaller man, sat watching while stroking himself. I didn’t know what to do. Do I storm in there, or do I join in, or what. For the time being I just sat as much out of view as possible and watched my wife betray me with these two strangers.

The first man was really starting to enjoy it, moaning louder and louder, whilst Julie was trying to force more and more into her throat, gagging louder.

The man grabbed his cock out of her mouth:

“suck on my balls babe, im gonna blow my load in your mouth, but first I wanna feel your lips around my sack”

“mmmmm ok honey” and with that he started jacking off while my wife licked his balls.

“oh yea babe, I’m gonna cum, open your mouth!” and with that he shoved his cock back in her mouth.

“oh fuck yea babe” he cried “I’m coming” and he thrust hard into her, while he pushed her head onto his cock with his hands. My wife jerked a little, then moaned in time with him as he filled her cheating slut mouth. After a couple of seconds the first man calmed down and Julie say up, swallowing his load and looking at the other guy.

“You just gonna sit there watching Tom or are you gonna join in?” she asked. With a slutty smile as she wiped a dribble of cum of her lip.

“What I want babe, before I fuck you or anything else, is to jack off all over those tits of yours, hows that sound?”

“If thats what you want baby, as long as you recover and go again before the husband comes home”

“oh yea baby, no doubt about that” and with that he moved over to her and started stroking his cock. Julie moved closer and sat on her knees, pushing her tits together with her hands, and unzipping her top a little to reveal more of her tits.

The guy stood up and after a minute or so it was obvious he was close…

“cum on my tits Tom, please, plaster me with your load”

And with that Tom lost it, leaning over he let out a huge groan as the first spurt of cum splurted into the center of her chest, then he moved his cock over to the left and covered her tit with a splattering of cum and then wiped the remaining drops onto the right.

My wife looked at him with a smile and gently took his still hard cock in her mouth, smiling at him as she sucked the last drops out.

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