Sweet November Chill (Pampangueña / in_the_zone)


This work is based on a true story but the names of the people and places involved are proactively changed by the author to hide their identities. The following contains unsafe sex so if you do not tolerate such stories…



It’s me again back with a new post, the “College Secrets” series will be delayed to make way for this post.

This post will have a Third Person, Creative Writing format instead of the usual First Person, Narrative format that I have been using on most of my posts.

It’s been a while since I last used this format, so I have my fingers crossed – I hope you guys would love it.

On with the Story!


It was a cold November night in Pampanga, and at this time of the year… early Christmas Carols can already be heard in the jagged streets of Pampanga.

The blatant breeze sends shivers down the spine; it was cold, way colder than the usual November breeze but inside the confines of a solitary room happens a ritual done by two individuals.

She was drowning in ecstasy as he started kissing her lips; each sensual touch of his lips throughout her longing body brings her closer to their piece of heaven.

Her eyes are blindfolded, hands and feet tied on the bed’s corners and she started biting her own lips, feeling every bit of sensation that this man has to offer as the man whom he just met started to lick and kiss his way from her lips to her ears, down to her neck and shoulders.


She doesn’t even know this guy personally, it was their first time to meet in person, and she only had the chance to know this guy from a sex story site named noypipages.com

The man is an author of a recent sex story series which she constantly reads to release steam off of her longing body.

She is Jessamy or Sam as most of her friends call her, a 23 year old yuppie from Pampanga, 5’3” in height, morena complexion, long black hair and has a body to die for.

While the man is Rico, a 22 year old recently resigned call center agent from the same province, 5’7” in height, fair skin complexion, emo-cut hair and has a rather skinny built.

She started chatting with the guy because of his sensual and arousing stories, it was for fun at first but the complexion of the story changed when they exchanged cellphone numbers and ym accounts. She knew it would start a flame in her life and awaken her long sleeping wild side.


She is sinking deeper and deeper into her own libido as Rico started caressing her body from the shoulders down to her bare chest; she started releasing moans of ecstasy…

“Ooohhhh Rico” she exclaimed in resounding moans.

Rico’s tongue and lips explored further, his tongue now playing with Sam’s hardened nipples, his daring hands now starting to fondle the other side of Sam’s blessed breast.

Sam has lost her sanity on that very moment. She has sensitive breast peaks and the tingling sensation of Rico’s experienced tongue gave her blissful sensations of pleasure.

Rico knew it and he even explored further down Sam’s bare body, he licked his way from one breast to the other alternately and when he had enough of Sam’s hardened peaks he made his way down to reach Sam’s sensitive tummy.

Rico is careful not to even touch Sam’s already wet pussy, he wants to tease Sam, he wants to take his time and not take the plunge instantly, he wants Sam to feel every moment and etch an idea in Sam’s mind to crave for more… He wants Sam to crave for each moment and every sensation that he endows to the lady’s heavenly body.

Upon reaching Sam’s tummy he played Sam’s navel with his damp and soft tongue and this gave shocks of pleasure to Sam’s already broken defenses. She is now helpless, her sanity lost by her own daring moans of pleasure.

She wanted to pull Rico’s hair and push his head further down to reach his wet portal of pleasure, but she is helpless… her hands and feet are tied on the bed’s corners, she was feeling adventurous! The added feeling of being helpless in the hands of an almost stranger increased her libido!

Rico licked further down his tongue now just above Sam’s wet organ, he wanted to tease Sam some more, he skipped licking her pussy instead he started licking from Sam’s toes, he kissed his way up from the toes, to her feet, to her legs, to her knees until he reached the inside part of Sam’s thighs.

Sam can only moan and squirm amidst the sudden bliss of pleasure she feels as Rico is giving her the best romance of her life.

She is feeling so wet now even if Rico haven’t even touched her organ yet! Her pussy longs to feel the sweet caresses of Rico’s gentle tongue. She can’t help it anymore, out of her moans of pleasure. She blatantly said.

“Will you please stop teasing me Rico? Kanina pa ako sabik sayo!” Sam exclaimed.

Rico was surprised, He can’t help but just look at Sam’s beautiful face with eyes still covered with blindfold, he really didn’t expect those words to come from a gorgeous lady.

Then he smiled, he knew exactly what the lady wants and he won’t fail her.

Rico did not say a word; instead he went down to eat Sam’s wet pussy! He started licking the lips of Sam’s pussy up and down; this sent an enormous amount of pleasure on Sam’s body. Sam doest know what to do, she can’t see Rico but she can definitely feel him! She felt Rico’s tongue and lips now playing with her clit! She can also feel Rico’s finger going in and out of her pussy hole at the same time.

“Oooooohhhhhhh Rico, please dont stop! Ahhhhh AHHhhhh Ahhhhh…” Sam moaned.

The intensity of Rico’s finger moving in and out of her pussy intensified and so is the amount of pleasure she is receiving.

Her hips now swaying to an unheard rhythm, she knows she is nearing her first orgasm… her moans now starting to get louder and louder and in just a few moments…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Rico, ayan naaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned.

Rico kept on eating her pussy and finger fucking her hole… then she came! The rush of sensation accompanied by the squirt of her fluid from her pussy is the evidence of her climax.

Rico didn’t stop licking and sucking her pussy as if careful not to spoil any of her fluid. Rico cleaned her pussy with his mouth not leaving any trace if hr cum… He ate all of it.

Sam is still gasping for air, panting… still feeling the sensation of her first orgasm. She can still feel Rico fondling her pussy when suddenly the sensation stopped.

She felt Rico abandon her pussy, she cant feel any trace of Rico in the bed, she cant see of where Rico is because the blindfold, she cant also move as well because she is tied on the bed.

“Rico are you still there? Nasaan ka na?” she exclaimed.

There was complete silence, no answer whatsoever from Rico, Then out of the deafening silence a cold chill that sent her Goosebumps can be felt on her chest! She can feel the soft semi-solid substance dripping from one of her nipples down to her chest. Then amidst the chill came a warm, tender sensation on that same breast… it was Rico’s mouth!

The combined sensation of chill followed by Rico’s mouth and tongue on her nipples and chest drove her crazy!

Then out of nowhere, she heard Rico’s soft husky voice.

“Open your mouth”

“Why?” Sam asked.

“No more questions just open it” Rico replied.

Upon opening her mouth, Rico placed his finger inside. Sam started sucking it, it tasted different, it tasted sweet, it tasted like… Chocolate!

“You love ice cream right?” Rico, asked.

“Ice cream ba yung kinabit mo sa chest ko?” Sam asked in return.

“Exactly, how did it feel?” Rico answered.

“Shit, don’t stop! More please” Sam begged.

There was no word of reply from Rico, instead he replied by putting Ice cream on Sam’s navel, following the chill of the ice cream with the warmth of his tongue and mouth gently fondling Sam’s navel… Licking and sucking the dripping ice cream from her tummy until no trace is found.

She kept moaning with every sensation, Rico then placed ice cream on top of her pussy… this made Sam squirm! It was a weird feeling, but it felt good! Then came Rico’s mouth and tongue sucking and licking every trace of ice cream from her pussy, the sensation drove her crazy! She’s in complete ecstasy! It’s the first time in her life that someone has done this form of love making to her.

She never felt so helpless yet satisfied, she kept moaning, her breathing became faster and faster with each caress her pussy is receiving.

Rico kept on repeating the ritual of putting ice cream and eating it from Sam’s pussy. This made Sam reach orgasm a lot of times, Sam can’t even count the number of times she reached the peak of her climax! The room was filled with Sam’s moans and screams of pleasure.

She was gasping for air, she feels as if her own body betrayed her.

Suddenly, the sensation stopped. The next thing Sam felt were Rico’s hands untying her hands and feet, and slowly, Rico took her blindfold off. She slowly opened her long closed eyes; the face of Rico greeted her still blur-seeing eyes. Then he kissed her, the kiss was passionate as if they were real lovers at that time. Both of them knew that they don’t own each other but the sensation and the amped libido drowned any doubt, nothing made sense for them at that moment… all they knew is that they need each other that instant.
Rico broke the kiss.

“Its your turn to do me a favor” Rico exclaimed while pointing a finger at his already hard and stiff cock.

Rico was kneeling in front of Sam on top of the bed. Sam was staring at Rico’s rock-like cock, then she slowly held the shaft of his organ as if measuring it… The warmth from the palm of Sam felt nothing but heaven for Rico.

“Sa tingin ko di ko kayang isubo lahat to Rico” Sam exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, swallow at your own depth Sam, kung saan lang ang kaya mo… masaya nako” Rico answered.

Then Sam smiled and almost instantly, Sam placed his hands on the ice cream container beside the bed, she scooped some ice cream with her bare hands and placed the ice cream on Rico’s rock-hard cock, the cold sensation made Rico moan and before Rico could even say a word… Sam swallowed Rico’s cock.

“Ooohhhhh Shit, ang sarap naman nyan” Rico moaned.

Sam took Rico’s cock out of her mouth and said…

“A taste of your own medicine”

And then went on to suck and eat Rico’s cock again. Sam cannot swallow the whole cock of Rico… she just kept on sucking at least half of Rico’s cock and masturbated the rest of the other half using her bare hands.

Whenever the cock of Rico lost trace of chocolate, Sam would go on and scoop chocolate with her bare hands and put it on Rico’s cock. The bed was getting a bit messy and so is Rico’s cock, it was getting sticky but the sensation drove him nuts!

Sam didn’t stop sucking and masturbating Rico’s cock, they didn’t care about the mess that the ritual is bringing them; they didn’t mind the sticky melted ice cream dripping on their naked bodies.

Then amidst Rico’s moans of pleasure came the unbearable peak of orgasm.

“Sam, Im cumming…. Aaaaaahhhhh ayan naaahhhhhhh” Rico moaned in ecstasy.

Sam took Rico’s cock out of her mouth.

“I want to see it cum out” she exclaimed as she kept on masturbating Rico’s cock.

Then almost in an instant, Rico reached orgasm, the fluid came squirting to Sam’s naked chest and some even on her lips.

“Ang daming lumabas, hihihi” Sam naughtily said while licking Rico’s cum which eventually landed on her lips.

Rico had a piece of heaven on earth; trying to catch his breath his eyes are still closed as if trying to decipher every sensation.

“We’re not done yet” Rico suddenly blurted out of nowhere.

Then almost instantly he jumped out of bed and pulled Sam.

Sam tried to regain her composure and managed to stand on her feet… Rico is now pulling her with so much force.

“What are you doing?!” Sam asked.

“Basta!” Rico answered back.

Rico pulled Sam inside the bathroom then almost instantly he pinned Sam against the wall, He started kissing her passionately. One of his hands was looking for the shower knob, when he found it; he immediately turned it on soaking their bodies while they kiss.

The feeling of the warm water dripping down with their bodies pressing against each other is heaven in itself.

Rico stopped kissing Sam and made her turn around; Sam is now facing the wall with her hands pressing against it.

“Told you were not done yet” Rico said.

“Don’t worry I’m ready for more” Sam naughtily answered.

Rico held his still hard cock and rubbed it against Sam’s wet pussy from behind; Sam’s legs were spread apart as if anticipating a welcomed visitor.

Slowly, Rico started sliding his cock inside Sam’s pussy…

“Ahhhhhhhh Rico, dahan dahan lang” Sam begged.

“Don’t worry, I will” Rico answered.

Slowly but surely, Rico managed to get the whole of his cock inside Sam’s pussy.

They stayed in that position for a minute, Rico didn’t move his cock in and out instead he kept on fondling Sam’s breasts with his hands while he continuously caressed Sam’s shoulders with his lips.

Sam started moaning gently, it was then Rico knew that Sam is ready to continue the ritual.

Rico started moving his hips, his cock sliding in and out of Sam’s pussy slowly.

He didn’t stop fondling Sam’s breasts as he started moving his hips back and forth.

The slow movement gradually became faster and faster until the sound of their bodies bumping against each other grew louder and louder.

Sam’s moans are getting louder as well, she’s making her way to heaven once again… the feeling of Rico’s cock pummeling relentlessly on her soaking pussy with the feeling of the warm water dripping all over her body undoubtedly increased her libido.

“Rico, alam mo talaga kung paano ako palibugin… ahhhhhh” She exclaimed in between her moans of pleasure.

Rico didn’t answer instead he increased the intensity of his actions… moving back and forth as if there’s no tomorrow.

Sam is actually returning the favor, she have never felt this great in her whole time of existence, she never knew that with this man, an almost complete stranger having sex with her right now would she feel as if a complete woman.

She felt loved, treated with respect even though she knows that this man is not her own.

A few moments more, she felt that same heavenly sensation on her tummy, she knows she’s about to reach orgasm once again.

“I’m cumming Rico, please don’t stop!!! Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh!” she moaned.

“So am I Sam, Im about to cum!” Rico moaned back.

And then the inevitable came. A few more pummel back and forth…

“Ahhhhhhh Im cummingggggggggggg….” They moaned together.

And they both came at the same time.

They were still panting, eyes closed, still feeling the sensation of the longest orgasm of their lives.

Rico broke the silence.

“Diretso na natin sa pagligo?” He asked.

“Sabay tayo?” Sam asked back.

“Sige ba!” Rico answered in excitement.

At the start they were just taking a bath, scrubbing each others body when they started to feel the libido rising again, Rico started kissing her again… they were about to re-do the ritual all over when suddenly, Sam’s phone rang.

Sam hurriedly ran to the bedside still naked dripping with water.

She started looking for her phone inside her bag, when she found it… She immediately answered the incoming call.

“Yes, Ma… napatawag ka?” she said…

Rico knew it was Sam’s mom so he didn’t have a choice… he just finished his bath and came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

“Nakatapis ka pa as if hindi ko pa nakita yan no?” Sam exclaimed naughtily.

Rico didn’t mind the joke.

“Mama mo?” Rico asked.

“Yup, pinapauwi nako, nagaalala na daw si Dad eh” Sam answered.

“Oh bat di mo pa tapusin yung pagligo mo para makaalis na tayo?” Rico said.

“Akin na nga yang towel” Sam exclaimed as she naughtily swiped the towel away from Rico’s waist revealing his naked body… Sam then mischievously ran towards the bathroom as if teasing Rico.

Rico couldn’t help but smile or laugh at Sam’s gestures…

Sam was able to finish bathing and fixed herself… They were about to leave the room, Sam was about to open the door when suddenly Rico pulled her from behind forcing her to face him… before she could react, Rico was already kissing her. She was a bit surprised but gave in to the kiss in the end.

It was a long passionate kiss… their eyes are closed and both of them felt so secure in each others arms.

Rico broke the kiss and spoke… his voice was soft and almost as weak as a whisper.

“Sakin ka na lang ha”

“Is that a proposal?” Sam asked.

“It is, if you think it is…” Rico wittingly answered back.

Sam only smiled and kissed Rico.

“I’ll take that as a yes” Rico exclaimed.

“It is, if you think it is…” Sam answered wittingly as if teasing Rico.

They left the confines of the hotel holding each others hands; Rico brought Sam to her house with his bike. Sam never liked a motorcycle ride… She’s scared, but for once in her life she felt secure on a motorcycle while hugging Rico from behind.

Before leaving, Sam gave Rico a peck on his cheek… told him “I love you.”

Rico immediately answered back… “I love you too.”

Up to this moment there’s no clear answer to whether Rico and Sam has an official relationship.

It only goes to show that there’s no title or specific agreement needed to flourish a relationship. What matters most is the feeling you have for each other…

Whirlwind romance does exist, and there’s no better way to savor it than to express and show the one’s you love how you feel about them.

Let’s make sure that love will never be ruined by our malignance over sex as the broken shards of such feelings will just be tainted memories left and they will continue to haunt us every waking hour of our existence.

Live, Love (Make Love) and Laugh.

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