Linda held her mouth tight over Rink’s hardon as it filled her mouth
with white hot cum, and as the last jets dripped from his dick, he
exclaimed, “Baby, you do that like no other bitch I ever had the
pleasure of fucking!” Linda swallowed the juicy liquid and looked at
her lover with bright happy eyes. She always loved it when Rink
would compliment her sexual proficiency, and lately he had been
complementing her plenty! He loved getting head, so she put
everything she had into it just to get his approval. She felt very
lucky indeed to have a boyfriend like Rink, and while she was only
eighteen and still in high school, he was twenty eight and working a
full time job at the tire factory on the edge of town. She knew some
of the women that worked out there, and Rink surely could have pick
of any of them, but Rink always told her that age didn’t necessarily
make you a good fuck, and that she was better than most of the other
woman he had ever had! Without a dad around the house, Linda was the
perfect target for someone needing a father figure in her life, and
guys like Rink just seemed to have a sixth sense in smelling out the
particularly vulnerable young women on whom to prey on.
Rink would usually get off work at 3:00pm and drive over to Linda’s
place where they would have sex for and hour or so in Linda’s
bedroom. Her mother was a line worker at the candy factory, and
didn’t get off work until 5:00pm, so this gave the two lovers plenty
of time for their extra curricular activities! If Linda’s mother
even had a hint she was having sex with and older man she would skin
them both alive, so Rink was always out of there by no later than
4:30! Today they had made love two times, and had finished up the
usual way, with Rink filling Linda’s mouth with cum. It was only
4:15, so the two of them lay together naked, just nuzzling and
kissing each other, with neither of them hearing the opening and
closing of the back door. If they had, they might have been able to
scramble up and get on their clothes, but instead they just lay
there as Linda’s mother opened up her bedroom door. There were three
pretty stunned people in that room, but it was Linda’s mother who
spoke first, or should I say yelled first, “What in the hell is
going on here, Linda, and who the hell are you,” she asked, looking
directly at Rink?!?!? Linda, totally terrified, tried to
answer, “Well, Mom, it’s like this…..” “Like what, you little
slut,” Joanne fairly shouted, “tell me what it’s like!!!” During all
the explosion, Rink just lay quietly on the bed, not even trying to
cover up and hide his nakedness while Mrs. Ames again pointed her
fury at Rink and shouted, “Get out of my house, get out of my house
right this instant!!” Rink just smirked at the older woman and stood
up, brazenly showing off his well formed physique while
sneering, “Lady, why don’t you shut your fucking mouth and leave us
alone here, this ain’t any of your business anyway!?!” Joanne Ames
was suddenly unable to reply to the rough young man who stood before
her, being intimidated by his crude manner and forceful
personality. “Now me and the little bitch here have been fuckin’ for
months now, she’s been afraid you’d find out about us and I’ve tried
to help her keep her little secret, but I really don’t give a fuck
if you know about us or not,” he insolently continued. All this time
Linda was lying on the bed with a sheet pulled up over her,
listening to the exchange between he mother and lover, and when Rink
walked over to Mrs. Ames until he was right in front of her with his
naked pecker growing to it’s full nine inches, he offered, “Hey,
baby, “look at this meat I have here, your daughter tells me you
ain’t gettin’ any, so why not try it out for yourself!?!” Seeing the
massiveness of the erection in front of her momentarily threw her
off balance, and since it was true that she hadn’t had a man for
months, the mere sight of this young man’s hardon was making her
knees go weak. In a weak trembling voice she reiterated, “Please get
out of my house right now or I’ll…” Rink cut her off, and in a
hard edged voice demanded, “Or you’ll do what, cunt!?!” Joanne Ames
swallowed hard, trying to regain her lost composure, and as in most
cases, a man can sense when he has a woman at his mercy, and this
was no exception, so Rink knew instinctively that Mrs. Ames was his
for the taking! With her defenses totally shattered, Rink took her
by the arm and led her over to the bed, where he sat her down on the
edge. With his pecker now at face level, he moved it inches from her
face where upon she opened her mouth and sucked the giant head in!!!
Looking down at her he commented, “Now I know where the little bitch
here gets all of her talent from!!!” Linda looked on with wide eyes,
not believing what she was seeing! In less than two minutes from the
time she opened the door, her own mother was sucking off her
boyfriend right in front of her! She would have complained, but
seeing how Rink had handled her mother, she felt is was wise to just
shut up and do what she was told!!!
Joanne Ames couldn’t believe what she was doing either!!! Sucking a
huge cock in front of her only daughter was absloutely crazy, but
the magnetic and over powering personality of Rink Davis was more
than she could cope with!!! It was plain to see that both she and
Linda were under the spell of this young man, and there was nothing
either of them could do about it! What ever he wanted, they would be
only to happy to give it, and although she was trying to fight it,
her pussy was leaking like a row boat full of holes! Her thoughts
were interrupted when she heard Rink order her daughter, “Darlin’,
do that little thing with your pussy, ya know, the one where ya lay
with your legs spread and your fingers up your cunt!!!” Linda threw
back the covers and revealed her beautiful slim young body for both
Joanne and Rink to see as she lay back and spread her legs wide
apart, exposing her dripping pussy to open air. “Do it bitch,” Rink
spat at her, watching as the young girl began to masturbate. “Look
at your little baby,” Rink said, “she always did have a hot little
cunt!” Out of the corner of her eye Joanne could watch Linda rubbing
her fresh young vagina and wondered to herself if her daughter loved
having this huge penis jammed into her little hole. Jesus her
daughter looked hot, no wonder Rink loved fucking her! “Keep playing
with it baby, I’m gonna fuck your old lady,” Rink offered while
pulling his pecker from Joanne’s mouth and lifting her to her feet.
He gave her passionate kiss full on the mouth which caused Joanne’s
legs to slightly buckle before demanding, “Okay baby,off with your
clothes, and I mean fucking now!!!” Joanne hurriedly stripped off
her slacks and sweater, leaving her with just her bra and panties,
causing Rink let out a low whistle of approval as he looked the
older woman over from head to toe. Even though she was thirty six,
her breasts were still full and firm with just a slight hint of
sagging. With her bra off, Rink cupped them in his hands, taking
time to roughly twist her nipples. A low moan escaped her lips,
which didn’t go unnoticed by Rink. “Oh, you like that do ya, bitch,”
he said with derision, “want some more of that do you?” Joanne had a
far away look on her face, but nodded yes to Rink’s question, while
pushing her chest hard into his hands. The tit massage made her
forget about taking off her panties, but Rink didn’t forget, and
reached down and ripped them off her with one hard yank! Now both
mother and daughter were totally naked and ready to do the bidding
of this young dominating male!
Rink put his hand between Joanne’s legs and fingered her cunt while
saying, “Well, bitch, what we got here is one wet fuckin’ pussy, now
lay down beside Linda and spread ‘em!!!” Dutifully obeyed him, and
lay down next her daughter, looking saddly into her eyes while Rink
positioned himself between Joanne’s legs, and guided his pecker head
into her wet slit. Once he got the head inside, he drove his penis
home, causing Joanne to scream out in a mixture of pleasure and
pain! Shaking her head from side to side, she kept begging for Rink
to fuck her harder but Rink needed no more encouragement as he
slammed his pecker in and out of her helpless cunt! Both Rink and
Joanne were on the orgasm express, as they drove each other towards
their climaxes while Linda was transfixed at the sight of her sweet
innocent mother being fucked like a whore, and hearing her beg for
more! Her own finger was working her little clit into an absolute
frenzy, as the driving penis, the moaning mother, and the hot boxed
little high schooler were all about to go over the cliff and crash
on the orgasmic rocks! Linda was the first to scream that she was
cumming, but the sound of the eighteen year old having a climax set
off the other two! Joanne threw her legs around Rinks butt and held
on for dear life as her climax ripped through her pulsating vagina,
while Rink roared as cum spurted from his fuck pole and into the
quivering pussy of the older woman.
All three of them lay in a heap on Linda’s bed, trying to catch
their breath, but it Rink who was the first once to speak when he
said, “You cunts are two of a kind, like mother like daughter!!!”
Now putting on his clothes, Rink stared down at the two women and
exclaimed, “Tomorrow afternoon, you both be here, understand?!?”
Both of them said “yes” in unison, and Rink replied, “You fucking
better be!” After he was gone, both of them got dressed without
saying a word. They both knew that from that time on they were both
Rink Davis’ fuck dolls.

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