Rhyme Lopez 3 ( cagayan de oro chronicles)


The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money costs less.”

And so we had lunch – my kumpare chris , his lovely wife & myself. our conversation ranged from work , having a family , “ruffa and john lloyd” and all sorts of things mundane. chris like myself is a glib talker , we just never run out of topic. ganun din naman si elvie.

The food was great , and we had fun. pero ang hindi alam ni chris was the little action going on under the dining table… while we were having discussions , elvie got a little naughty … she secretly rubbed her toes first doon sa legs ko , then seductively crawled her toes upwards to my thigh , rubbing , tickling and teasing until she reached my crotch … di ko tuloy malaman ang gagawin ko…tinatamaan niya rin kasi ang foreskin ni manoy kaya lalo akong uminit , pure torture ang nangyari. i so badly needed a release dahil nga nabitin earlier and now…whatta f#$@*^!

Every little chance i got , i would give elvie a subtle darting look , telling her to stop it cause she was driving me nuts. but she just refused to “listen” , instead binilisan niya pa ang pag lamas with her foot and toes my cock through my now bulging pants.

I was just glad at natapos din ang lunch . after a while , napaalam na ako sa magasawa . for a brief moment pumasok si chris sa kwarto , kaya sinamantala ko ang sandaling yun to give elvie a deep , biting kiss sa labi niya…kinurot ko rin ang pussy niya through her sando and undies … i was gonna say something sexy , pero binara niya ako … “ingat ka pare , baka di mo ako kaya …” she seductively muttered.

Halos hindi ako mapakali sa araw na yun , hindi naging productive ang trabaho ko , i was so preoccupied with the thought having sex with my bestfriend’s wife.

I went to bed early that night , my head spinning … i checked my alarm clock it’s 830 , maaga pa … so to entertain myself nanghiram ako ng rated x dvds sa aking landlady na sexy pa rin at 42 , ofw ang asawa. nasanay na rin kamin ng mga boardmates ko to borrow x rated dvds from her. pero i never imagined her as a “target” though , sobrang bait kasi .

Nakailang xrated movies na rin ako ng gabing yun pero nothing seemed to work , i was just as bothered and as horny as a few hours earlier… it took a few more hours more for me to finally get some sleep…but not before my mind wandered to my days in cebu , in a motel with ….mam mercy….

i just started to let my fingers crawl to my belly … closed my eyes …. pulled my boxing shorts down to my buttocks , then i just wrapped my fingers on my heavily wanting cock…stroking….stroking…..

Doc Louie was going out of town at that time , ako ang naghatid sa kanya sa airport , kasama ko ang chinese mestiza wife niya na si mam mercy… may nangyarin na minsan sa amin ni mam mercy sa beach so this time we felt more comfortable with each other…

After ko hinatid ang asawa niya , tuloy na kaming pumasok ni mam mercy sa isang motel near the reclamation area of cebu.

As soon as the door closed , we just went for each other , it’s been two weeks na rin kasi after that incident sa beach … first i kissed her deep , then i held her butt and ground my hips in a sensuous circular motion…damit lang ang namagitan between her excited pussy at ang naninigas kong ari…

Hiniga ko na sa kama si mam mercy … she just closed her eyes , anticipating what i’m gonna do to her.

“rhyme , i miss you na…please let’s take it slow , we have all the time we need” , she said sort of pleading.

i took off her blouse , then i cupped her boobs still covered with her bikini top , then she allowed my hands to reach behind her back and undid her top , allowing her beautiful round breasts to spring free …. ang ganda talag ni mam mercy , those chinky eyes , red luscious lips , smooth totally flalwless skin… and when she speaks , sweet almost innocent…but i know of course from my experience with her sa beach , she could at anytime now lose control and scream like wild wounded beast…

I then pulled her white thong , leaving her skirts on…parang ang sexy niya tingnan all naked except for that tiny skirt covering her prized “jewel” … ako naman ay naghubad na rin ng damit… then i went right straight to her aching pussy , i licked slightly at her soft inner thighs while i looked at her mischievously….

“sheeeet rhymee….andyan ka na naman….aahaahhhhh ” , na paliyad siya when i it happened.

Then i slowly massage mam mercy’s groin , kapa ko na ang pussy niya , manipis ang pubic hair niya … then i saw the engorged white pearl on top of her pussy , inviting…parang may hinihintay… i just licked it slowly at first then i started to suck her clit like a baby starving for mom’s milk…

“oooooohhhhhh…galingan mo pa rhyme…..saraaapppp arghhh ..”

She sorta stop breathing when my toungue invaded the inner sanctum of her pussy , i dug deeper and deeper sa pussy niya until i hit something that caused a massive flood of juices from her glorious hole… i raised my eyes to watch her , she was squirming habang kagat niya yung isang unan…

“rhyme , stop it please…just had an orgasm….ahhh…..” she sighed in pleasure.

i turned her around , lifted her butt and getting ready to fuck her doggy style.

ang puti ni mam mercy , pati pussy lips niya …ang linis talaga tingnan …

At dahan dahan pinasok ng naghihimagsik kong batuta ang kanyang nagbabasang kweba …labas masok si manoy ko sa pussy ni mam mercy… basang basa na siya and i could see some of her juices falling dun sa kama …

“rhyme , come inside me ha…ahhhhhhh oohhhhhh….saraaap ….wag mong pigilan iputok mo sa loob…” na pasigaw siya…

Then i came back to reality in my bedroom , hawak na hawak ko pa rin ang cock ko , exploding some of its fluids have even reached my face and hair….oh , mam mercy….that was one sweet memory… pero ang ngayon…

Suddendly i received a text …. “rhyme , i know exactly what you are doing now…” , si elvie…..

(To be continued)

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