Third Timer with Old Timer



It’s me again Gwen. I want to say thank you those who posted their comments on my previews posts about “Old Timer”. Here I am again continuing the series and I hoped you liked it.

While I was in bed after that encounter with Shella’s dad I felt guilty. I slowly realize that I am two-timing with boyfriend. Suddenly I felt a tear running down my cheek, I closed my eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.

The next morning I was awaken by a series of incoming text messages and before I was able to read it my cellphone rang and I was showing my boyfriends number.

Then my world crumbled that moment when my boyfriend asked for a “cool-off”. I asked him if there’s another girl and he assured me the wasn’t and his main reason is that he is having a hard time with our current long distance relationship and responsibility with his family. He continued talking while my mind slowly drifted away and my ears almost becoming numb. My final word is “Okay” and I hang the phone. It took me awhile to compose myself and texted him telling that I will be fine.

After a month I finally got through the finals and final defense then celebrated our graduation with some of my friends. We decided to go to Eastwood and join some friends. We partied until wee hours then I decided to sit outside and smoke. Then I saw this cute matured guy across from where I am sitting. He looks like the actor Ronaldo Valdez at first glance. Then Shella’s dad crossed my mind then unknowingly I smiled, then the guy across me smiled back. I gave a quite laugh when maybe the guy taught I was smiling at him. He started walking towards my table so I quickly compose myself to received the stranger.

“Hi!” He said to me.

“Hi!” I answered back.

“Mind if I sit here?” He politely asked.

“Oh no it’s okay.” I gave permision.

“But the way my name is Alfred.” He introduced while reaching his hand to me.

“Oh, I’m Gwen.” I replied while shaking his hand.

“Do go here often?” He asked again.

“Oh no! We just went here to celebrate. You know…” I said.

“How about you?” I asked back.

“Ah not really. I usually just drink at home with my buddies and we seldom go out. Old cats like me would rather stay home and watch basketball, ha ha ha.” He answered.

“Ha ha ha, you don’t look that old.” I said while giving a sweet assuring smile.

“Thanks, but trust me I can post as your dad.” He joked.

I place my cigarette but in the ashtray and stood up.

“Want to join me for a walk?” I asked.

“Oh? Shh… sure” He hesitantly answered.

“Unless your wife or girlfriend is with you.” I teased.

“Oh no I single when I am outside the house, ha ha ha.” He joked again.

“Ha ha ha, really?” We went out and walk by the side walk.

We chatted for awhile when to topic was changed to sex. Oh how typical for men to seduce or measure women with green tactics… And fuck! I fell for it, ha ha ha. I didn’t told him about uncle Mario and I just told him my boyfriend is working abroad. Then he somehow discreetly asked me if I want to go with him and try an “adventure”.

“Are you sure?” I asked him.

“Why? He asked.

“Well looked at me. I’m on the heavy side and I…” I said to him

“There always a first for everything and besides you got more curves.” He said before I could finish.

“Let’s walk to my car and then you decided if you want to take my invitation, okay?” He said.

We walked back to the club and stopped beside his electric blue Lexus.

“Shit! Nice car!” I said to myself.

“So?” He said.

“Wait.” I answered while I pulled my cellphone from my bag and texted my friends saying I will be going home with an “old friend”.

“Okay, so where are we going?” I asked him.

He went to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for me. I went inside and boy the car smells really good.

“Do you go to a motel?” He asked.

“It’s up to you, your the driver.” I said to him.

“Mmmm… I haven’t been a motel before… but I have a private room…” He said while driving.

He took my hand while driving and started caressing it. He kept on talking and talking while we drove going to Makati area. He placed his hand on my lap and started squeezing it. I began to feel strange and hot, probably because I drank or its just I’m in heat. He slid his hands inside my skirt and started caressing my bikini line. I placed my hand on his legs then to his crotch.

“Open my pants.” He commanded.

I looked at him and followed his suggestion. I can feel his cock bulging from his pants and it almost sprang out while I was unzipping his pants.

“Where almost there.” He announced.

I saw that were approaching a condominium building and we started going down the parking lot. After we parked he zipped his pants again and went out to open my door. We went to the

Editors Note: I thought I just saved this post as a draft but when admin posted a comment I realized that I posted an unfinished story. Sorry about that so here I am to finish this part of the series.

elevator and proceeded to the 7th floor. I was expecting he will do something in the elevator but I later realize (so assuming of me) that someone might come in the elevator that he knows. We went inside the condominium unit he was talking about and offered me a drink as puts down his car keys and jacket.

“Have you done this before?” He asked.

“Not really, I mean I’m not a pro or whatever you call girls that go with strangers.

“Oh ok.” Then he went inside a room and then came out.

“Let me take off your clothes” He offered.

I was not really paying attention on what he is doing because I’m still wondering why I went with him and all of a sudden were both naked.

“Are you alright?” He sounded concern.

“Ah yeah.” I answered and looked down on his cock.

“Shit!!!” I said to myself.

“This guy is well hung… I mean he looks like filipino and sounds like filipino but his load is like the ones you see in foreign porn movies!” I thought.

“Suck it babe” He whispered which stroking his cock.

I knelled down and I almost want to back out when I saw his cock in front of my face.

“Ca… can I ask you something?” I muttered.

“Ha? Ano?” He said.

“Do you have foreign blood? I mean… kase… ah” I was struggling to find the right words to say.

“Oh, that… Yeah… they notice that all the time. My dad is from Hawaii, he’s half Filipino and one-fourth Hawaiian and one-fourth Austrian… ” He explained.

“No wonder he looks mestizo.” I said to myself while I cling to his now rock hard pole.

I carefully put his cock in my mouth while my heart beats with excitement and anxiety.

His cock head was soft and tender while the shaft was like metal. I can only suck pass the half-way of his shaft and I can hear him moan from my top. I sucked it for a few minutes and I stopped because I felt my jaw is going to lock. He gently guided me to the bed and lay me down on my back.

I saw him put on a condom on his large dick.

“You’re pretty for a big girl.” He said.

“I will take that as a compliment, thank you.” I answered.

He started pressing my breast together, squeezing them and then licking both nipples at the same time. I felt my body tremble as I feel his hand squeeze me and his tongue pressed my nipples back to my skin.

I started feeling hotter and hotter as he squeezed my boobs and sometimes caress my shoulder and arms. He was aiming to kiss my lips but I turned my head away.

“No kissing please… ahhhhhh” I said.

And I think I ticked him off when he squeezed my breast a more harder and then…

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” I screamed.

I one solid thrust he aimed his cock in my wet pussy.

“Mmmmm youre so wet… very nice… and tight… Mmmmm” He said while the rest of his rest inside my aching pussy.

“Ahhhhhh grabe ka naman!!!… ahhhhhh…. ohhhhhh…” I said while breathing hard.

“You will like my cock babe…” He said and then he fucked again without any notice.

“Ahhh… shit….. ahhhhhh….. ahhhhhhh….. stop….. ahhhhh…. ahhhh…… ohhhhhh” I screamed and moaned.

“Mmmmm feel my cock babe… feel my cock pound you fat pussy.” He said.

Parang medyo nag pintig ang tenga ko dun ah.

I was helpless. I felt his long cock enter and exits my pussy like a train piston going faster and faster. I can feel his cock head almost breaching my cervix. It was pain and pleasure all mixed together.

“Ahhhh…. ahhhhhh…. no….. ahhhhh… mmmmm….. mmmmmmm” I bit my lips moaning.

“Mmmmm feel my cock babe… mmmmm your fucking great….. ahhhhh” He said.

“Ahhhh… nooo…. mmmmmm…. ahhhhhh…… annggggg….. urmmmmm….. ” I screamed. I moaned.

“Mmmmm want more hhhuhhh… Mmmmmm… mmmmm” He said.

“Ahhhh shiiiit….. ahhhhhh….. ahhhhh oh shiiiiiiiitttt…….. dont…… ahhhhh….” I screamed holding my legs up.

“Mmmmm yeah babe… spread it uppp… mmmmm… mmmmmmm” He said.

“Ahhhhh…. ohhhhh shit….. my god….oh…. Im coming…. ahhhhhh” Unexpectedly I said.

“Mmmm oh yeah… fuck… ahhhh….. mmmmm come for daddy… ahhhh….” He said.

Despite the pain and I felt a big ball of pressure building up at the end of my spine. Electricity rushing from my whole body. Each fuck, each slap of his cock on my pussy, his cock friction inside me set me up with a one big blast of a climax.

“Aahhhhhh shiiiiit….. fuck me…. ahhhhhhhhh” I said.

Both my hand up in the air clinging to my ankles and my head raised up from the bed as my body gave the biggest climax I ever had in my entire life. It feels like eternity. My body quiver and my pussy gush with body fluid. I felt is flowing down to my ass.

“Ahhhh ahhhhhh…. ahhhhhhhhhh….. shiiiiiit!!!!” I shouted.

He slowed down his tempo probably while feeling my cum engulfing his cock.

“Shit! Grabe ka naman! ah ah ah ah…” I was exhausted.

“He he he… It seemed that you liked it… why complain.” He teased.

“Come one turn over.” He asked me while pulling my arm and leg.

“Ha? Teka… let me rest.” I begged.

“No come one you’ll enjoy this.” He said.

Lazily I turn over like a dog. I was still high from my last climax then he inserted his cock in my pussy again.

“Mmmpppppp… mmmmm nice ass you got here.” He said.

“Ahhhhhh…. shit… slowly please… ahhhhhhhhh…” I begged.

“Mmmmppppp… ok… ” He said.

“Ahhhh mmm mmmmm ahhhhh unnngggggg” I felt his cock slide in and out.

“Mmmmm… nice pussy… ahhhhh” He said.

He fucked me long and slow. My pussy was hurting a little from latest harassment but I can feel that I will come again soon.

“Mmmm… yeah… fuck me…. hard…. ahhhhh… yes….” I moaned.

“Mmmmm… come one babe… come for daddy again… mmmmmp.. mmmmp…” He said.

He started increasing his pace and I started hearing the slapping sound of his pelvis on my butt. I can feel again the slight breaching of his cock head on my pussy wall.

“Ahhhh… ahhhhh… ahhhh….. mmmmmpppp…. ahhhhh” He moaned.

“Ohhhh unnngggg…. ahhhhh… ahhhhhhmmm….. yes fuck me … fuck me…” I said.

“Mmmm come for daddy… ahhhh come for daddy…” He said while fucking me hard.

“Ahhhh ahhhh…. ahhhhh…. ahhhhhhhhh…..” I can feel my body preparing for another climax.

When I arched my waist he triggered my G spot.

“Ahhhhh!!!” I screamed.

“Ohhh yes daddy fuck me hard!!!!…. ahhhhhh fuck me daddy.” I begged.

“Mmmmm go babe…. come for daddy…. ahhhhh mmmppppppp!!!” He thrust harder and harder.

“Ahhhh!!!…. ahhhhh!!!!!…. ahhhhhh” I screamed.

“Oohhhhh shit…. yes…. come with daddy… ahhhhh ….. mmmmmppp…” He announced.

“Ahhhh yes daddy …. ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhh … heeerrrrrre….. ahhhhhhh… coooome…” I screamed harder.



He came a few strokes after me.

“Ahhhhhhhh shittttttt……” He said.

I clenched my pussy, gripping around his cock as I come. I can feel his warm sperm filling the condom inside my pussy.

We lay exhausted in the bed.

“Owwww!!!” He shouted.

I lightly punched him in the arm.

“Masyado ka naman.” I said.

He just smiled a me.

We fuck the whole morning and I achieved a personal best recording in cumming. That is one hell of a night for me that I will never forget. I got a taxi down the lobby and went home aching and tired but very very satisfied. Whenever I feel horny I just try remember that moment.

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