Second Timer with Old Timer



It’s me again Gwen. I hoped you liked my first story. Hey! There’s a continuation. After that unexpected encounter with Shella’s dad he didn’t stop texting me. I was afraid and even paranoid every time he sends me suggestive sex joke or green text messages. But when I told him to stop texting me he listened.

I tried not to avoid going to Shella’s house until I ran out of excuses from her. I am thankful she didn’t wonder why I haven’t been at their house whenever she asked me. She even told me that her dad is looking for me.

One morning me and my boyfriend had a big fight over the phone. I was so mad at him that I can’t even concentrate at school. After class I went to the mall to cool down. I sat at the food court and when I turn on my cellphone it went nuts receiving lots of text messages. When I checked, there was like 50 text messages from by boyfriend. So I went to checked the first one and boy I get even more furious. So I selected all his messages and deleted them from my inbox. Then I saw one message from Shella’s dad.

“Hi, sry I promised nt to bothr u. I jst wnt 2 say HI.”

I paused for awhile and looked around then I replied.

“Hi 2, m hir at d mall jst passing tym.”

I waited for five minutes but then there’s no reply. I stood up and went walking. After a few minutes my cellphone rang so I answered it.

“Hi Gwen, uncle Mario ito, nasa mall ka rin pala.” He greeted.

“Po? Nandito rin po kayo? Saan sa mall?” I asked.

“Oo, actually nandito na ako sa intayan ng FX.” He replied.

“Ah pauwi na pala kayo.” I said.

“Oo, pauwi ka na ren ba?” He inquired.

“Ah eh…” I was thinking of an answer when he suggested.

“Meet mo ako dito sa labas.”

I went to the back of the mall where the FX terminal is located. There were few people so I it was easy to find him. Then suddenly it rained down heavily. I ran toward the waiting shed where Shella’s dad is standing.

“Oh nabasa ka na. Bigla-bigla naman itong ulan oh.” He said.

“Kamusta ka na?” He asked me.

“Okay naman po uncle.” I replied while wiping some of the water from my uniform.

“Bed weather!” He commented on the rain.

“Ha ha ha ha… Si uncle talaga kung ano-ano ang naiiisip.” I teased.

“Gwen?” He stopped.

“Po?” I said.

“Gusto mo patila tayo somewhere private?” Then he winked at me.

I stopped to think about my boyfriend but I was still mad at him so I blurted out.


“Ako na ang bahala.” He quickly replied.

Inside my thoughts I mind was flaring out to my boyfriend. I’m doing this in rebellion and for making me so mad. At least some one knows my needs and not only his. My mind is processing so many anguish feelings for my boyfriend that I didn’t even notice that we were already inside a taxi.

“Gwen, are you okay?” Uncle Mario popped in.

“Ah, yeah. It’s nothing actually. I was justing thinking about school.” I said.

The taxi started slowing down while it entered the motel. The taxi maneuvered inside the motel driveway and stopped in front of one of the suites. I went out and uncle was left inside to pay the driver. We went inside the suite as I looked around I notice that I haven’t been in this kind of motel before. It is much nicer and clean than where my boyfriend has taken me. He turn on the lights and went to the bathroom door to check it.

“Want to join me inside?” He smiled.

“Mmmm… Sure, I just hang may clothes here over the chair so it will dry up.

Me and my boyfriend seldom go to shower together. I was thinking because maybe he thinks we cannot fit inside it because of my size. So I am going full revenge this time.

Uncle carefully turned on the shower while he checks the temperature. I was a little shy to expose my body to uncle Mario. He handed me the liquid body wash and I started bathing myself. Then I felt his hand touched my shoulder and slided down to my arm. He pressed his body to me and started kissing me. I thought the water become hotter when my body started feeling warmer and warmer. His lips traveled from lips to my cheeks down to my neck and slowly crawling to my chest. He cupped both my breast and started sucking my nipples. He pressed them together and started munching and sucking my two nipples at the same time.

“Sarap… laki talaga ng suso mo Gwen… mmmmmm.” He commented.

I felt his warm tongue swirled around my standing nipples. Then he pulls them gently as he suck it. I feel the electricity running from the tip of my nipples down to my pussy.

He turn off the shower and said. “BJ mo ako.”

I smiled at him as I lowered my self to the bathroom floor. I was shocked to see the size of his cock. I was thick and long with a prominent head. I was bigger that my ex-bf’s and my now boyfriend. I recall the first time uncle fucked me when his cock was inside me. It felt big but I haven’t thought that it will be like this big.

I started sucking its head. I played with it like a lollipop with my tongue. I start hearing him moan while I slowly suck his cock inch-by-inch. I manage to put 3/4 of his cock inside my mouth as I started sucking it in and out.

“Ohhh… Gwen… Mmm…. Galing mo… ” He moaned.

I sucked him slow and easy feeling his cock inside my mouth. I liked the feeling how his cock slides down in my throat. I gradually increased my pace, almost consuming his whole cock.

“Ohhh shit Gwen… ahhhh…. ahhhhh…. mmmmm….” He groaned.

I pulled-out and said. “Don’t come yet uncle.”

“Yeah… mmmmm… Gwen sarap moooohhhh…”

I stopped and looked at him.

“Let’s go out.” He suggested.

We dried ourselves up and went to the bedroom. I slumped on the bed while he went on top of me.

“Nakakagigil ka Gwen.” He commented.

“Ngek! Ang taba taba ko nga eh. Ano nakakagigil dun? Mga bibil ko?” I joked.

“No, masarap nga yung meron napipisil eh. Lalu na ito… Hmmmm…” He smothered my breast.

“Ahhhh…. nakikiliti po ako.” I said.

He started playing with my nipples with his tongue.

“Mmmm… mmmmm… mmmmm… lambooot… mmmm” He moaned.

My head started to spin as I feel the his hands press my breast together and his lips locked on my breasts. He took his time playing and admiring my breasts when I begged…

“Fuck me. Uncle, fuck me… Oohhh…”

He glance at me and then he paused. He positioned himself on top of me so I place my legs upward and arched my back to received him. I felt the head of his cock nudge my pussy and slowly it slid inside.

“Mmmmppppp!” Uncle Mario force himself giving me a strong thrust.

“Aaaaaawwwwww…. unc..” I yelled.

“Like it? Do you like my cock?” He sadisticly asked.

“Oohhhh shit uncle… grabe ka.. mmmmm” I felt my pussy pulsating in pain and pleasure.

“Mmmm… mmmmm…. ahhhh… Gwen pati puki mo ang lambot…. mmmm” He said as he started pumping me.

I can feel his cock rubbing inside me awakening every sensation of my body. He fuck me with a long and hard strokes virtually shaking the bed with every move.

“Hmmmm… Gwen… sarap mo talaga kantutin… mmmm….” He continued.

“Ahhh…. ahhhh…. ohhhh… ang sarap uncle…” I replied.

After a few hard thrusts I felt a tingling inside me.

“Ohhhh… shit uncle don’t stop I’m coming.” I said.

“Ganun ba? Mmmmp… mmmm… ahhh…”

“Ohhhh… ahhhh… ahhhh… ahhhh… uncle…”

“Come on Gwen… come for uncle… mmmmp… mmmmm” He said to me while he fuck me even harder.

“Oooohh… shit… uncle… ahhhhhhhhhh….”

“Fuck you Gwen… ang sarap mo talaga… mmmmpp…”

“Aaaashhhhiiiiiiiiitttttttt! Unngggg… ohhh… nggggg” I screamed while I held on uncle Mario’s shoulder as I climaxed.

“Mmmmppp… oh shit init nuon ah…. mmmmm talap!” He joked.

“Do you want to go on top?” He suggested.

“Po?” I was surprised by his suggestion. I tried to ride my boyfriend once but he didn’t like it because of I was too heavy for him.

“Come on try it. You’ll liked it.” He said.

He lay beside me and guided my arms over him. I went on top of him as he said. He placed his cock under me and inserted it inside my pussy. When I felt his cock inside I slowly lowered my self and started moving back and forth. It felt so good, his cock bumbing the side walls of my vagina. Then I started moving up and down slowly.

“Mmmmm sarap di ba?… ohhhh…” He said.

“Ohhh uncle ano ba ito?… Ohhh… ahhhhh.” I was quickly engulf by the sensations.

“Ahhh… ahhh… ahhh.. mmm…. shhhit… ahhhh sarap…. kakabaliw…” I moaned as I ride him.

“Come here.” He asked me to bend over.

He squeezed and sucked my breast while I continued moving up and down.

“Ohhhh squeeeze me harder uncle… ahhhhh… oooohhhh shit…. ahhhhh…”

“Mmmmppp…. yummmm…. laki ng mga papaya… sarap…. rmmmmmmm…” He mumbled.

“Ohhhh harder…. ahhhh… shit… malapit… ooohhhh… ahhhhh…” I quickly started moving faster.

“Ohhhh… ohhh… ahhhh…. ahhhh… suck me harder… ahhhhh….”

“Nakakabaliw ka Gwen… ahhhhh… mmmm… mga suso mo… ahhhhh…. laki…”

“Oh.. oh… oh… shitttt….. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!” I screamed as I came on top of uncle Mario.

“Wow, napagdadalawahan mo na ako ah. Ako naman.” He said.

“Ahhh… ahhh… grabe ang sarap pala…” I said while slowing down.

“Let’s switch. I will fuck you behind.” He suggested.

We switched position and I bend over like a pig waiting to be poked.

“Mmmmm… handa ka na ba?” He asked as he inserted his cock in my pussy.

“Mmmmp… ahhhh… shit… uncle…” I felt his already swollen cock sink inside me.

“Mmmm… Fuck… ang sarap… ahhhhh… Gwen…” He moaned.

I felt uncle Mario’s pace is becoming faster and faster.

“Ahhh.. ah…ah… ahhh…” I screamed.

“Mmmm liked it?” He asked.

“Yeah… mmmm… ahhh… ahhh.. ahhh….” I replied.

“Ohhh harder uncle.. harder…” I begged.

“Mmmm libog mo… ahhhh… sige… eto…. ahhhhhh…” He started fucking me even harder.

“Ahhhh…. ahhhh… ooooohhhhh… shit… aaaawwww… aaaahhh… mmmmm…” He buried his cock deep in me. I can hear the slapping sound his pelvis’ making against my butt cheeks.

“Ahhhh… shit uncle… don’t stop I’m coming…” I said to him.

“Mmmmm.. malapit na ren ako Gwen… mmmm… mmmm….” Uncle said.

“Fuck… ahhhhhh…. shiiiiitttt… your cock is so big…”

“Mmmm… yeah… fuck you… mmmmm…. ahhhhh….” He humped me harder.

“Ahhhh…. ahhhhh… shit… I’m coming… ahhhhhh… mmmmm”

“Ahhhh Gweeeeennnn… ahhhhhh…. shit…. eto naaaaa….”

“Unc… Ohhhh……. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!…” I screamed while clinging to the bedsheet.

“Ahhhhhhh…. oooh.. ooh.. oooh.. Gwennnn….” He groaned.

I felt his cock pulsate inside my pussy as I feel his warm sperms fill my vagina.

“Ahhhh….. oooohhhh… dami… ahhhhh…. shit… ” I collapsed.

“Mmmm…. mmmm… mmmmm…. sarap mo talaga….” He commented.

We both collapsed in the bed, tired and sweating.

“Grabe ka Gwen…” He said.

“Ah ah ah… ikaw nga dyan eh…” I answered.

He reached for the TV’s remote and he turned it on as we rested. He offered me some drinks inside the refrigerator while we watched some shows on TV. We later went back and we fucked all over again. After that he dropped me somewhere close to my place. I hoped you like this second installment of my story. Bye for now.

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