Hello to all readers.

This is my first post. I was hesitant to post my story. Baka kasi me makabasa na nakakilala sa kin. Anyway, there is always a first time. I am not a good writer like some of the regular members of this site but I will try to be detailed. i hope I won’t bore you readers.

By the way, call me Niel( this is a name that somebody gave me), 41 (old?) taga Mindanao, married, one wife, with kids. I am just an employee of a national company here in our place.

My story happened last mid of 2007 (hoping she wont read this). Let’s call her Carla. Not her true name of course, married, an employee of a company here the City. this is a true experience.

It all started with a phone call. She called our office to ask for assistance. She has a nice sweet voice. Yong bang parang nakangiti lagi. We didn’t talk long for I was busy that time.

She called again the next day, asking if I can again assist her in some papers or forms that should be submitted to our office. I again assisted her but this time I gave her my mobile number. Told her that if she again needs assistance, official man or personal, I am just a text away.

I received a text message after we talked over the phone.“Carla here. Thank you so much sir for your assistance”. “anytime” I replied. And that was the beginning of our on and off texting until she visited me at the office to submit some forms.

I was busy doing some paper works when I noticed somebody standing in front of me. I looked up and lo and behold - a hot momma. Goodlooking woman, with smiling eyes, a dimple in her left check and white perfect teeth.

Her text: hello sir.

Me: yes ma’am? How may I help you?, I said as I stand up as a sign of respect.

Her text : Carla po.

Me: oh its you Carla. We finally meet. Have a sit.

She left after submitted the forms or reports as we at the office call it. But that was the beginning of our endless texting and beyond. Honestly I have no bad intentions with her. Delikado kasi taga rito sa min . Madaling mabuking. One of my rules is not to play games with girls na taga rito lang sa city. But they later transferred to the next town. Kasi andon ang business ng family ng hub nya.

“I am not happily married”, she opened in one of our texting sessions. “napilitan lang akong magpakasal sa kanya kasi nabuntis nya ako”. (I wont write here the details of our texting to protect identities).

Never a day that we don’t exchange sms. We were close that we already open some personal things. Until one late afternoon, I received a text message for her. Thinking that I was just a regular “hi hello how are you I miss you” thing, I opened it with my reply already on my head but I was a bit shocked when I read it.

Her text: I love you.

I didn’t immediately replied. I don’t know what to reply.

Me: hmmmm remember that I am married to like you. Baka di love yan. Baka attention lang need mo.

Her text: i know you are married but this is how I feel. Don’t worry I won’t demand for your affection.

Me: lets talk about it later. Think about it muna.

Her text: okey. You will know it tomorrow. Don’t text na. am home na. dito na shrek (its how she called her hub).

I didn’t take that text seriously. But she again texted me the same “I love you” so I replied “ I don’t want any complications and pressures. We can enjoy each other and promised I will respect you”. “Thank you so much”, she replied.

Our texting then became sweeter. Until I asked her if we can spend time, overnight sa next city. “tamang tama, I am going there this weekend to process something.

So weekend came and we met sa isang mall after nya natapos ang dapat nyang tapusinDi nya naubos inorder ko for her. “I already got us a room”, i said. She looked at me. I can see in her eyes her uneasiness. “Don’t worry, I promised to respect you”, I added assuring her that I wont do things na ikagalit nya.

Her: e ano lang gagawin natin?

Me: ano ba pwede?

Her: matutulog kang nakapantalon, magigising na nakapantalon. Kaya mo?

Me: yes I will do that to prove to my respect to you.

Her: thank you

So we go to the hotel room after our lunch. She will be meeting her friend at 4 pm that day.

Nasa taxi kami. And I thought “This woman was so good looking, hot, gorgeous but I asked why wala akong libog now that we are free or I am free to do whatever I want?” Nangingibabaw ang respeto. Is it because of my promise to her? Definitely not kasi pag nasa room na kami, magagawa ko na ang gusto ko. Paiinitin ko lang tapos magagawa ko na ang gusto ko. Matitikman ng ni titi ko ang puke nya.

So yon na nga, nasa room na kami, I on the aircon and tv. I took off my shirt after her approval that I may take it off. Nahiga kami after brushing our teeth. Nakahiga xa sa may kilikili ko while talked. I kissed her forehead from time to time kasi naglalambingan na e. Nagtapunan na nag I love you’s at mahigpit na yakap na ang mga sagot. Di pa rin ako natabunan ng libog by that timeAfter more than an hour of talking and sharing and sweetness, she looked at me as I talked as if not interested sa mga sinasabi ko. I stopped talking the moment I noticed that stare. “what?” I asked. No response just a stare. So I kissed her forehead again and she embraced me tightly. “I love you”, I whispered to her ear as I took a watch from my pocket (maalit na watch lang po na di kamahalan) and gave it to her. I said – my way of thanking you for the time you are giving me.

She gently kissed me sa lips. And said thank you. I looked at her, put my hands on her check and kissed her gently yet passionately. And, bigla binuhusan ako ng libog. When she felt na tinigasan ako, she smiled and said,” you promised to respect me”.

“yes, I dont forget that but allow me to satisfy you”, I replied. Breathing hard and with smiling eyes she said “ yes please” . so i kissed her again passionately until i hear her moan. that was my signal to go to a higher level – kissing her a little hard now yet still passionately. our tounge played as my right hand caressed her boobs. she still has her bra on. she didn’t wait na tangalin ko yon. sya na mismo nagtanggal ng bra. stopped kissing her. told her that we do it my way, gently, passionately, patiently. and all she will do is to enjoy. she kissed me again and lay down. “have your way mr____”, she said smiling.

i slid my hand in her shirt, unhooked her bra as we were kissing passionately yet harder na this time. me libog na but still i remember my promise – di maghuhubad ng pantalon. namasyal na ang labi at dila ko- to her chin, biting it gently and lightly while playing with her boobs na. she still was wearing her shirt that moment. Pababa pa ang dila at labi ko, sa leeg, down, down, down to her boobs (shes not bleesed with a big boobs by the way). i took off her shirt. and kissed, licked sucked her nipples and boobs passionately. Carla is a silent type. she just moaned. yong moan na alam mong nasasarapan na. her hands were in my head carresing my hair as if telling me to go on. while my lips and tounge were on her boobs, i start to play with her pussy over her panty. she was wearing a maong skirt. “hubarin mo na skirt ko”, she said. i didnt reply. i just go on sucking and licking her boobs/nipples.

my right hand was on her pussy, my lips and tounge was on her left boobs and my left hand was on her right boobs. her backed arch na, both hand on my head. shes wet, moaning.

“ohhhh niel” she said in between her moans.

my lips and tounge went down- to her navel, my left hand fondling her boobs na basa ng laway ko, and my right hand tried to take off her panty. tinaas nya pwet na to give way sa paghubad ko ng panty nya habang kinakagat kagat ko belly nya (maliit bilbil nya).

breathing hard and moaning, she tried to push my head down to her pussy. this time i obeyed. i positioned myself between her legs and went down on her. i lick her legs muna pero parang nakilita ata xa, so i go directly to her pussy. she has a very nice trimmed pussy. di pa laspag. parang di gamit, to think she has kids na.

humabol pwet nya nong dinilaan ko hiwa ng puke nya. she opened her legs to give way to my lips, mouth and tounge. nakatago ang clit nya, pink, buo, masarap. i gently licked her clit. she swayed her hips, moaning.

she put her hands on my hand and pushed my to her wet and hot pussy when i start to suck her clit as my lower lips tried to caress the opening of her pussy.

binisilan ko nong nafeel ko na malapit na xa. she pushed my hear to her pussy. madiin tapos she moved her hips as if pumping and her legs are on my back now helping her hand in pushing me to her pussy and moaned loud as she came.

she was breathing hard, smiling as if thanking me for satisfying her as i lay down on her side. i was sooo hard that time. she looked at me. waiting for my next move.

i kissed her again sa lips and said, “i will respect you”.

she looked at me with teary eyes. i smiled at her and said, “that’s how i love you”

she hugged my tight. and we slept. mahirap matulog na matigas ang titi pero i learned that moment na makokontrol ko pala ang urge ko. i also learned that moment na mas gratifying pag nasatisfy partner (gf/kabit/fubu/whatever) ko.

girls first need is not sex, its affection.

we talked before xa pumunta sa friend nya kasi don xa matutulog para di mabuking ni shrek. i told her that if ever masundan pa to, di na maiwasang magpakilala na titi ko sa puke nya. so we decided na that was the first and last date we have.

do we part ways? no i think not but we seldom text now. she misses me always she said in one of her txt.

by the way guys, ito inuna kong post kasi ito memorable sa kin.

more stories to follow kung magustuhan nyo to. if not, then i will go back to my being a reader.

enjoy life guys, things never happen twice.

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