Dark Room


Don’t reel your films in there if you’re claustrophobic, even the slightest bit,” warned my Photography class professor. She described the room as “perfect for reeling, dungeon for feeling”.

I had developed my fantasy for the Room from the moment I stepped inside it with Jane, a classmate. The room was pitch-black, with only a sliver of light emanating from the crack where the bottom of the door meets the floor. The whole door is covered by a black trash bag so that no light can enter the room, else our film will be exposed. It’s so cramped that only three skinny people can fit comfortably inside it, with almost no room for movement. The lavatory, which does not serve its purpose anymore, occupies half of the tiny room and that does not help.

I had always entertained the fantasy of getting fucked while blindfolded. It’s a known fact that one’s senses get heightened once your eyes are covered. It’s always a sexy pleasure for me to be stimulated by something other than something visual.

That is why I planned the day I’d take my boyfriend there and “force” him to do me.

Monday afternoon, I went ahead to the Dark Room with my boyfriend K, and locked the door before anyone else can enter.

Never mind if at that time I was not supposed to use the room because another class was supposed to use it. They could use the boxes, I figured.

I got my things ready and started reeling my film in the steel spool. I could not see anything, but I could definitely hear, smell, and feel everything.

A girl outside: “Shit naman, nakakatense si ma’am.”

A guy agrees: “Oo nga. Grabe kasi magcritique ng pictures natin.”

The girl: “‘Tangina lang, kung may hindi tayo kaklaseng pumasok dito para magdevelop, aawayin ko talaga.’Tangina, oras natin ‘to ‘no.”

The guys outside started to giggle and shush the girl.

Girl: “Ay bakit, meron ba?”

I assumed the others nodded because then she said, “Ah ganun? Hmph.”

I giggled. K, who was then humming a random tune behind me, asked why.

“They don’t want me here,” I said in a hushed tone.

“Ah, ikaw ba yung sinasabi nila?”

“Yeah. Anyway, I’m almost done.”

I proceeded to reel again but as I did, I started to entertain my fantasy again. I was feeling a bit flustered because my boyfriend was so close behind me, but was not doing anything naughty at all.”

‘Kahit yakap man lang,’ I pleaded in my brain, ‘tapos ako na magtutuloy…’

“I’m almost done,” I told K.

“Really? Yay,” he said while hugging me from behind and swaying me slightly.

‘Finally,’ I thought. Still holding my steel spool, I moved my ass back so that it’d rub his crotch in all the right places. He held me tighter and moaned in my ear, “Mmmmh…baby, bad…”

“Bad ba?” I asked, swaying my ass on him. At the same moment, I finished reeling and put my spool in the developing tank. I then placed my tank on the lavatory in front of me, still moving my bottom against my guy’s crotch, making him groan.

I then turned around so I faced him, the small of my back against the lavatory [I'm a small girl, just 5'0"]. I started to kiss him feverishly. I just had my period the past week and I’ve been aching for a good fuck from him.

His hands traveled along my sides, feeling me up while I rubbed myself against him. Our tongues danced, and I felt him getting harder as I rubbed myself on him. I moaned in his mouth, and hearing myself got me hornier. His hands found its way to my chest and he started to knead it from outside my shirt.

“Ooh, K, more…more…give me more…” I moaned. He lightly shushed me, afraid that the people outside might hear me. They were laughing and enjoying, developing their films, unaware of the carnal meeting happening behind the dark room door.

His hands roamed under my shirt as I groped his pants to undo his belt. As he played with my erect nipples with his fingers, which made me shiver and bite my lips to stop moaning so loudly, I reached for his cock and gasped at its length and hardness. We’ve been together for more than a year already, and yet feeling his cock get rock-hard still makes me so excited.

“You’re so hard baby…mmmh…I love your cock,” I whispered as I started to stroke him. He moaned softly and played with my tits harder. I helped him by pulling both my shirt and brassiere up, not taking it off completely but enough to expose both my breasts for him. He felt his way through the dark, exploring my chest with both hands and mouth while I stroked his whole length. I found no reason to close my eyes since it was too dark to see anything, but that added more lust to me as I felt his desire pent up. I got wetter with each flicker of his tongue, and I pleaded for him to eat my tits. I could hear him lapping his way all over my breasts, his mouth making light slurping sounds. I was half-afraid that the people would hear my moans, and they might have already. But my brain was only half-working, everything else was lust, lust, and more lust.

“Please, baby…ooooh…touch me please…”

He started to take my pants down and to grope me, but my lust decided against foreplay. I took his cock and rubbed it against my wet slit as soon as he took my undies off. He retracted a bit and asked if I was safe. I said yes, not stopping his cock from rubbing my pussy. I slightly hiked my butt up against the lavatory for leverage, so not my crotch area was slightly higher than his. My breath and his became rapid and jagged, anticipating each other’s sex.

Since I’ve had my period, I was slightly in drought and hadn’t touched myself in a while, that’s why when he stated to push in his 7-incher I whimpered loudly from pain and pleasure. He shushed me, telling me to relax, which I tried hard to. He pushed in more, and I held him tighter digging my fingers in his back. I felt the head first, inching its way until it got through. He stopped for a while to let me recover.

Feeling him inside me stopped all my senses momentarily. I’ve never quite gotten used to the feeling; each of his thrusts feels like the first time, every time.

I felt him move his hips slowly, very slowly thrusting himself inside me. I raised my legs against the wall and planted my feet on them so that I was elevated. The position gave us more leeway to fuck deeper.

My hunger for flesh rose as I felt him filling up my walls. “Faster baby,” I whispered, “and harder, make me come hard!”

He obliged, and as he did he played with my breasts. He used one hand as he was supporting my butt with the other.

I met his thrusts with eagerness. A week without sex was drought for me. The faster he went, the higher I felt. I wanted to scream his name. I grabbed a fistful of his hair as I breathed hard on his neck. I didn’t care if my classmates heard our hurried breathing; my mind was clouded by sex.

I felt myself tensing up for a blow. “I’m coming baby,” I told him while breathing hard. All of a sudden, he pulled out. I whimpered as he did, and was about to ask why. I felt myself losing all the pent up momentum, but then he started to lick me. I had no idea, since it was pitch-black so I didn’t see him move, and I was so surprised that I gasped loudly. I bit my lip to stop from yelling as he sucked my clit and swirled his tongue all around my wet slit. He really knew how to work his tongue, and in moments I felt the tension building up again. I didn’t want to be heard talking, so I pushed his head deeper in between my legs. Thank goodness my man’s sensitive enough to understand, and he licked and sucked me harder. I heard him slurp and lap up my juices and it made me wilder. I bucked my hips up his mouth, fucking his wanting tongue, until I came. I spasmed and held his head tight and he did not stop sucking until I stopped moving.

I pulled him up for a tender kiss. I felt the juices of my sex on his lips and cheeks. I licked his lips as he entered me again, this time more forceful, more carnal.

He fucked me in earnest, met with the same thrust of my own hips. I felt him build within and in a few minutes he came inside me. It was hot and sticky, and I felt so damn sexy as he gave one last thrust inside before pulling out slowly.

I love that part of sex: when he pushes in the first time and when he pulls out really slowly. I felt his juices going down my ass when he pulled out. I could smell it, and half-wished I could drink it. I love my guy’s come, and would drink it if he asks.

We both got dressed quickly. I took my photography paraphernalia and we went out. My classmates looked at us, flushed and breathing hard.

I wonder if they can smell the scent of sex?

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