Fresh out of college and coming off from a 2 year relationship that I thought would last forever, I met this girl at a concert I attended. Well actually, I met her friend who became my girlfriend that I dated for 2 weeks. Little did I know that she had the hots for me, so we began calling each other, talked about what nots, music (as she was in a band herself) and then I finally convinced her to come to my place. I was alone with my cousin and all the channels were airing the 7 last words, Jesus of Nazareth when she came at the gate with a lesbian friend.

My cousin said “Sya ba yung kausap mo kanina sa phone?” Yup! I answered. “Sexy tol, panalo!” My cousin said as his eyes started feasting on June’s luscious curves.

Pasok ka June, I said to her. She was wearing a gray tank top and jeans. It was only then that I realized how big her tits was. I couldnt get my eyes off her boobies. I asked my cousin to buy us some drinks.

“May mabibili ba ngayong alak? Biyernes Santo kaya, galing mo naman kse tumayming mag-aya. Mahal na araw!” June said while laughing at me.

“E ngayon walang tao e…”

Drinks were poured, my cousin got bored and with the hopes of getting a score at the lesbian friend who was also hot by the way, turned on the VCD player and played XXX.

I started kissing her nape, her neck and kissed her on the lips. We were on the sala and I noticed that she was uneasy although she was kissing me back but she slapped my hand away when I tried to reach her breast.

“Andyan kaya pinsan mo saka si Joy” She whispered to me and then I winked at her.

Meron ako! She explained, I think I know what that meant, but I couldnt stop I was too horny that time that I would have fucked her right then and there even if the red flag was up. “Pero last day na ngayon”

“Ibi-BJ na lang kita” She offered with a smile. My eyes lit up, I was thinking once we’re there, there’s no turning back.

I told her to follow me, I went to my mom and dad’s room and when she got in, she closed and locked the door. Looking back, I thought this girl is really horny, I can tell by the look in her eyes that she was as excited as I am.

She knelt and unbottoned my pants but I pulled her up, I kissed her lips that tasted of both beer and cherry, I dont know if it was candy or I was just too horny that I was imagining things.

My hands found its way to her bra, It had a mind of its own, I didnt even need to will it to unhook her bra.

And I found my face buried in her chests, my mouth suckled on her nipples while my right hand played with her right boobs.

Suddenly she slid down, I was on my four legs and I saw her grab my cock and watched as its head disappeared in her mouth, she was an expert, I moaned and Im sure my cousin and her lesbian friend heard it from outside.

OOhhhh, Shit, you’re so good! I complimented her. For an 18 year old lass, she was too good.

I reached orgasm inside her mouth, I thought she’ll spit it out but she just winked at me.

I wasnt done yet, I couldnt let this day finish without me banging her.

That’s not gonna happen…

I have to have her now…

To be continued.

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