The Debate Team Part Six


The Debate Team Part Six

Paul walked to the parking lot looking for their shuttle bus. At the far end of the parking lot were a row of buses that were undoubtedly hired for the tournament. He realized that he didn’t know which one theirs was and looked for the driver. He found him amongst the group at the end of the parked buses and came up to them.

“Uhm ah sir, I rode your bus a while ago,” Paul began, talking to the guy who drove his bus.

“Yes?” the driver said.

“I was wondering which bus it was because I left something in it…”

“Oh… ahmm uhh wait, okay? Check,” the driver said. They were playing chess and the driver was going in for the kill. Paul was actually amused by the game. He used to play a lot and from what he’s seen, these drivers were actually pretty good.

The other driver moved his rook to cover up the king.

“Hmmm…,” Paul’s driver was about to move his bishop to corner the king on the other side when Paul put his hand on his shoulder to warn him. The driver looked at him and realized that he almost made a mistake and put the bishop back. He touched his rook and glanced at Paul who made a slight nod. A few moves later and his driver won.

“Yeah! I’m chess king finally!” his driver exclaimed.

“You cheated! University guy helped you!” his opponent protested.

Paul’s driver spoke in the native tongue and they argued for a few seconds and eventually the other driver handed him a wad of bills.

“Yeah! I give you rematch later! If… you still have money,” He turned to Paul. “What was it again?”

“Which bus…,”

“Oh yeah yeah… uhmm that one,” the driver said pointing near the first buses.

“Which one?” Paul asked wanting to make sure.

“The two, second one, second one,”

“Oh okay, thanks sir,” Paul said.

“Wait, wait,” the driver halted him. He took a couple of bills, amounting to about ten Singaporean dollars.

“No it’s okay sir…,” Paul tried to give the money back.

“No, no it’s yours. Uuhm you’re my Second. Hahaha!” Paul had to laugh to and he was amused that a mere driver knew such a specific chess term. Second was the assistant of the chess player in a tournament. He helps plan the strategy and analyze what happened during the game afterwards. He was like the caddie in golf.

“Okay okay, I’m Paul by the way,” Paul said, holding out his hand.

The driver shook his hand, smiled and said, “Chess King”.


Paul made his way towards the back of the bus and searched in the darkness for his envelope. He knew exactly where he sat so there was really no cause for concern as to where ha had to go. He immediately found what he needed and checked it just to make sure.

It was a long day for him and he was tired. He recounted the day’s events from waking up early to the shopping spree to meeting up and having wild sex with Saheera to swimming and now the Opening Ceremonies. He suddenly felt tired and the darkness of the bus seemed to have a calming effect on him. He sat down to rest knowing that it would take another hour before people were scheduled to go back to the hotel. He was not especially hungry and he did not like the food being served anyway. If I get hungry later, I’ll just buy food from the joint in front of the hotel.

He rested his head and told himself that there was no need to rush things. Slowly he started to fall asleep.

Just before his eyes shut, out of the corner of his eye he saw a light turn on from the bus next to him.

Somebody must’ve left something as well. The light was dim and with the two tinted windows between them, it was even darker. Still, being that it was just a couple of meters away, he could see clearly what was happening.

Oh fuck! Putcha! Ano yun!?

Paul could not believe it. He was watching a guy jack off in front of a girl. He could not see the face of the girl since she had her back to him. She could barely see her head actually since she seems to be leaning back and content on watching. He knew however that she was doing something else but she could not see it from his position.

All of a sudden the girl was giving the guy head. Wow look at her go!

Paul brought out his phone and thought about recording the proceedings. He wanted to record it so badly but he was afraid of getting caught. He decided to just enjoy the show while it lasted. He was beginning to get hard himself and began touching himself through his pants.

Sino kaya yung girl na yun? He wondered as he continued to watch. He could see that the guy was about to cum and the girl stopped sucking his dick.

Ay ayaw?! Boo! Malas mo dude. He thought it was over and he stood up to leave. He wanted to leave before they did and began fixing himself up. But it was not over. As soon as he stood up, he saw the girl now turn to a doggie position with her face in front of the window. Her long hair was covering her face that was turned to the side as if talking to the guy.

Hindi pa pala tapos. Doggie na!

But the guy suddenly disappeared and Paul realized that he was eating her pussy out. The girl was thrashing and twisting her butt as if grinding it against the guy’s face. He saw the girl push against the window and had it not been for the windows he could quite possibly touch her hand. He leaned closer and at that moment the girl faced the window and showed herself to Paul.

Fuck! Joanna!? Oh my god! Oh shit! Paul thought. He was in shock. He could not believe that he was watching Joanna the whole time.

In an instant he felt a slight tinge of jealousy. He did not have time to think long about it however because her phone suddenly rang and the screen flashed its lights.

Oh shit! Fuck! He struggled to turn it off and then glanced at the girl again and found her to be staring wide eyed at him.

Oh shit Joanna saw me! Could she? She couldn’t possibly but… It’s too dark. Shit! He bent down and crawled out of the bus. As soon as he got out, he ran full speed back to the building.


Paul ran towards the hall and nearly ran over Rica who was on her way out. She would have fallen were it not for Paul acting quickly and catching her.

“Aaaaiiiiieeee!,” Rica screamed. Paul caught him and brought her back up and now they were pressed against each other. Rica could feel that Paul had a massive hard on going on as it pressed against her body. Rica scolded him by slapping him in the chest.

“Ano ka ba!? Muntik na akong maaksidente dahil sayo!”

“Sorry sorry hindi kita nakita!” Paul said. His dick then made a very noticeable jump and they both pushed each other away instinctively.

There was silence for a few moments as both did not want to say. Finally, Rica spoke.

“San ka ba nanggaling? You haven’t had dinner…,” Rica said.

“Ahh wala. I was… ahhh… watching uhm.. a chess match…,” Paul struggled to explain.

Rica sounded skeptical.

“A chess match?”

“Yeah a chess match… it, it , it was a great match.. the queen ate the king and then the queen ate the king… it was great,” Paul could see how confused Rica was and he himself did not understand what he was saying.

“That doesn’t make sense…,” Rica shook her head.

“I know! That’s what I was saying! Mate na e! Mate na yun e! Sayang!”


“Basta, basta… may food pa ba?” Paul changed the topic immediately and led Rica by the arm back to the Dining Hall.

“Yeah meron pa, oysters I think… I called your cell pero pinatay mo…,” Rica complained.

“Ikaw naman tampo agad. I know you called. Pinatay ko kasi sayang sa pera…,” Paul was now thinking clearer and was able to slowly come up with a better story. “Kaya nga ako tumakbo kasi alam ko na hinahanap mo na ako e!”

Rica looked at him and for some reason his words seem to be working on her no matter how much she knows it wasn’t true.

“Binobola mo naman ako e!” Rica said.

Paul however saw that she smiled a little. Aba…

“Hindi kita binobola! Alam mo naman na malakas ka sa akin e…,” Paul poured his charm on.

“Sinabi mo yan ha!” Rica’s smile grew bigger and she playfully pushed Paul away as they approached the door.

Paul laughed. “Oo no! Basta ikaw!” He pretended to tickle Rica on her waist and she shrieked in laughter.

“Aiiieee! Paul wag! Kiltiin ako dyan!” Rica posed as if she was defending herself from an intruder but at the same time was laughing.

“Ikaw naman! Wala pa nga e!”

“Basta wag! Kakagatin kita!” Rica said between giggles and suppressed laughter

“Wala namang ganun!” Paul pretended to stop and Rica dropped down her guard. As soon as Paul saw this he tried to tickle her again.

“Ay! Aiiiiiiiieeee! Paul wag! Wag Hahaha! Wag! Aiiee!” They were both enjoying the playing around when the door suddenly opened and Saheera stood there watching them.


Miguel was getting dressed up and was now putting his pants on. It was obvious that he was pretty mad.

Janna on the other hand was taking her time. She was still lying naked and still savoring what they did. But she did notice Miguel’s demeanor.

“What’s your problem?” Janna asked, getting a Kleenex from her bag and dabbing her still wet pussy dry.

Miguel didn’t answer.

Janna kicked his thigh softly and when he still didn’t say anything, she kicked harder.

“Oy ano ba?” Miguel answered.

“Anong problema mo?” Janna said.

Miguel didn’t answer again.

“Huy! Ba’t ka ba ganyan?”

“You know.”

“No, I don’t know.”

“Yes. Yes you do know,” he stressed

“I really don’t know what your problem is. Is it because you didn’t get to go all the way?” Janna said. She knew that wasn’t the reason, but she didn’t want him to know that she knew the real reason.

“Jeez Jan. You know that’s not the reason…,” Miguel said exasperated.

Jan reached for her bra and put it on.

“Well what IS the reason?”

Miguel looked at her disappointedly. “Okay. Gusto mo marinig? Fine. Why. Wouldn’t you. Commit. To. Me?”

“Oh come on Miguel. We’ve been over this a million times, you know the reason,”

“No I don’t. You’ve never given me a reason. I know you like me or at least enough to like my body but what the hell is the problem?”

“Well what do you want me to say?”

“Why can’t you commit to me. Us. You and me us.”

“What do you know about commitment anyway?”


“You think I don’t know about your fuck buddies in school?”

Miguel was silent.

“See? What? What now? O ano? Commitment commitment. Ang kapal mong humingi ng commitment when you’re out there screwing different girls!”

“Well if you would’ve committed to me, I wouldn’t be screwing them!”

“How am I supposed to believe you? You just admitted to what I said and up until a minute ago I wasn’t sure they were true!”

Miguel didn’t know what to say. He was caught and he was angry. What he said was true though. If Janna committed to her, he wouldn’t have been doing those other girls.

“Fine!” Miguel said through gritted teeth and stomped his way out of the bus.


Paul and Rica quickly stopped, embarrassed about what they were doing. Saheera did not have a veil on and Rica was stunned at how pretty she was. She had absolutely no idea that she was as beautiful as she was and found herself admiring another girl’s face for the first time in her life.

“Oh hey Saheera… uhm… you know Rica right?” Paul said, embarrassed in so many levels.

“Yeah, I know her, who doesn’t? But we have never been…,” Saheera trailed off as she looked at Rica. Saheera herself has always been amazed as to how beautiful Rica was. She has seen her before but almost always from afar. Now that she’s seen her closer, she finally realized why all the guys have always talked about her. She was a knockout.

“… formally introduced. Hi Saheera,” Rica continued where Saheera left off. They shook hands and gave each other an admiring smile.

“So what are you guys doing here outside?” Saheera asked.

“I was just calling Paul here for dinner, he hasn’t eaten at all.”

The door opened again and Joanna came out. Paul was surprised to see her and then it dawned on him. It was Janna.

Joanna looked flustered and Rica and Saheera noticed.

“Hey Jo, what seems to be the problem?” Rica asked.

“You look like you had a work out,” Saheera said.

Joanna began to calm down. The fresh air helped her a bit.

“I’m okay. Don’t worry Ate. I’m good. Thanks.”

Rica looked up from attending to Joanna and caught Paul and Saheera looking strangely at each other and giving each other what she thought were dirty looks. She looked down again at Joanna.

“You sure Jo?”

“Yeah I’m fine,” Joanna insisted.

Paul used his envelope to fan Joanna. Rica looked up again and saw that Saheera was loking at something and when she traced to where she was looking she realized that she was looking at Paul’s crotch which up to now had a semi-erection. She looked back at Saheera and half a second later Saheera her gaze. Rica quickly gave her a smile and Saheera returned it.

By now Joanna was totally relaxed and her color has returned.

“Joanna by the way, this is Saheera. Saheera Joanna. Or Jo. Whatever,” Paul smiled as he introduced them to one another.

“Saheera?” Joanna said as she shook her hand.

“Yup. Saheera from KAU,” Saheera replied with a sweet smile.

As soon as she made the connection, Joanna’s eyes widened and she began to feel flustered again. This was the girl Kuya Paul was doing kanina!

“O what’s wrong nanaman?”

“I just need to go to the ladies room,” Joanna said as she ran to the comfort room.

“What’s wrong with her?” Saheera asked.

Rica just shrugged.

“Can we go in? I just got hungry all of a sudden,” Paul suggested.

“Okay,” Saheera said cheerfully and walked in as Paul held the door open for them.

Rica followed and as she looked at Saheera, she observed that Saheera had a noticeable strain in her walk.

What’s that all about? She thought, as the door closed behind them.


The tournament began finally and tension was as thick as they come. Everybody’s eyes were focused on the big screen of the hall as the Round 1 matchups were about to be declared.

“Eto na tayo guys, everybody here?” Alex asked.

“Andito na dude. We’re complete,” Paul replied as he took his seat beside Rica.

Rica smiled at Paul and fixed her hair.

“Good luck Rics,” Paul greeted her.

“Thanks Paul. I’m so excited. Ikaw, ready ka na?”

“Adj lang ako. No problem. Ask mo yung katabi mo o… mukhang namumutla na,” Paul said as he pointed at Joanna who was on Rica’s left. She had her eyes closed and semed to be murmuring something inaudible.

“Nagdadasal lang yan,” Rica said.

“You should too,” Paul said.

“Oo nga no?” Rica turned to Joanna. “Joanna let’s pray together.”

Paul was about to leave when Rica stopped him by grabbing his arm.

“San ka pupunta? Dasal muna tayo,” Rica asked.

Paul sat down again and Rica reached for his left hand while Joanna reached for the other. As they bowed their heads. It was the first time he held Rica’s hand and it was as wonderful an experience as he expected. Her hand was powdery soft, her skin, incredibly smooth.

Joanna led the prayer which was lost on Paul as he was savoring every second he held Rica’s hand. He didn’t know that Rica was doing the same thing as she held his tightly. Paul involuntarily found himself giving Rica’s hand a squeeze. He was embarrassed as soon as he did it and immediately loosened his grip to compensate. But Rica squeezed back which caused Paul to instinctively glance at Rica. She didn’t move but she smiled a little which Paul didn’t see.

The prayer ended and the three sat back again.

“Hey Jo, Rics… Good luck ha?”

“Thanks Kuya!” Joanna chirped excitedly.

“Thanks Paul. You too,” Rica smiled sweetly.


“…and so we’re giving this debate to… the Closing Government,” the adjudicator chairing the debate said.

“Yessss!” Rica hissed in happiness. She reached for Joanna’s hand and they held each other’s hand.

“Thank God…,” Joanna whispered to Rica.

It was the second debate of the day and after a disastrous first debate which saw them land 3rd, they won the second one giving them a total of four points good enough to be in the middle of the pack.

After shaking the hands of the other participants, the two went to the cafeteria for lunch.

Lunch was free and they had a variety to choose from. Rica settled for noodles while Joanna got some rice toppings. They went to a table and Rica saw Paul coming over. She slid to the far end of the bench hoping the move would make Paul take the seat beside her.

Paul did and Rica felt better.

“So how’d you guys do?” Paul asked.

“Not to bad Kuya. We won this round. Grabe, I felt it e. I knew we were gonna win. Thank God I was right!” Joanna said, excited to tell it to Paul.

“Mukhang pumped up ka ah!”

“Hay nako. She’s been like that since this morning. Even when we lost she was so pumped,” Rica told Paul.

“Well you were like that before right?” Paul said.

“I was never like that!” Rica protested.

“Yes you were!”

“Not like her! Of course I was excited but hindi naman super pumped no,”

“Hahaha okay… So how was your speech Jo?”

As Joanna told Paul of her speech, Rica was thinking. She thought about what Cherry said, that she had to make mini-moves to get Paul interested in her. She knew she was right and she knew she had to wait for a chance.

Janna then arrived to their table.

“Sis! O how did you do?” Joanna asked.

“Ok naman, 2nd both times so basically four points,” Janna said.

“Well kami rin ni Rica, but that’s okay,”

Paul couldn’t look at Janna, he fiddled with his food and pretended to not notice her.

“Huy Kuya! Jan is asking if you’ve adjudicated a La Salle team yet,” Joanna called Paul’s attention.

“Ah sorry… uhm, yes. No. I mean no, yes,” Paul stammered as he tried to look away.

“So is it a yes or a no?” Rica asked.

“What?” Paul asked.

“Kuya anlabo mo. Did you adjudicate a La Salle team yet?” Joanna repeated the question.

“Oh ah… no…,” Paul shook his head and glanced at Janna. Janna met his eyes and Paul immediately looked away.

Janna looked at him with a curious expression.

“Jan san na yung team mo? I want to meet them,” Joanna said.

Janna was only too happy to indulge her twin.

“Sure! They’re over there,” Janna said pointing at the other end of the cafeteria.

“Excuse me lang ha?” Joanna said as she left with Janna.

As soon as Joanna left, Rica knew that this was her chance.

“Uhm Paul, are you doing something tonight?”

“Hmmmmmm,” Paul thought. Rica’s heart stopped as she anticipated an answer.

“Wala pa naman, why?” Paul said taking a sip from his drink.

Rica was relieved. She knew this was the easy part.

“Uhm my dad kasi is asking me to do something. She wants me to meet with someone here in Singapore,” Rica said.

Paul thought about it. He knew that Rica was always dating older guys that her parents her up with. Now he gets to chaperone. While it was not exactly his cup of tea, he thought that it could still be fun. Ano kaya ang type ng mga guys na dine-date ni Rica?

“Okay,” Paul said, shrugging.

“Yan!” Rica smiled.

“Sige sige I’ll be your chaperone,” Paul said and acted like she was doing Rica a favor.

“What?” Rica said in shock.

“I said, Yes I’ll accompany you on your date,” Paul said.

“No,no,no Paul it’s no-“ Rica tried to explain but Paul cut her off.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t worry. I’m a good bodyguard. If he does something wrong, sabihin mo lang, sasapakin ko!” Paul smiled like a protective older brother.

Rica couldn’t believe how wrong this was going. She tried to explain again.

“Paul I don’t need you to guard me, okay? I need-“

“Oh… I get it,” Paul nodded.

“You do?” Rica asked, unsure if Paul really did. If he did get it exactly then she would be coming of as someone who just invited him for a date.

“Yup, I got it. I’ll stay outside. Just give me a signal and then I’d come in, okay?”

“What?” This was turning even worse. God What is wrong with you!

“I won’t get in the way… you won’t even see me. I promise,” Paul said holding her palms out in a reassuring fashion.

“Paul…” Rica began again.

“Which restaurant?”

“Raffles Hotel”

“Whoa! Big time ha!”

“I’ll meet you there,” Paul said.

Rica was about to try one last time when Paul stood up.

“Excuse lang ha, I need to talk to Alex. Padating na naman si Joanna e,” Paul said pointing to Joanna who was walking back towards their table.

“Good luck ha?” Paul said as he left.

Ending of Third Round of Debate

Paul just finished conferring with the two other adjudicators under his watch. It was a pretty close debate although it was clear who won.

“It was a good debate and we would like to thank all of the teams. The decision was unanimous, from first to last, it’s Closing Opposition, Opening Opposition, Opening Government and lastly Closing Government,” Paul said.

After he explained further, the teams shook hands and Paul began to leave.

“Excuse me… Can I talk to you for a second?”

Paul turned around to face the person.

“Yes?” She was surprised to see the petite lady who watched the debate a while ago.

“You’re the Adjudicator right?”

“Yeah, I’m Paul and you are?” Paul said extending his hand.

“I’m Ms. Santos. Actually I’m the coach of the La Salle team,” the lady said in a somewhat hard tone as she shook his hand.

“Oh” Paul knew what this was. The debate he just judged included a La Salle Team, DLSU Team C. It finished third in the debate, giving them one point. This Miss Santos, he thought, wanted an explanation.

“Yeah. What happened back ba?”

“What do you mean what happened?”

“How could my team finish third?” Ms. Santos’ voice was rising a bit.

“It was really pretty close between the second team and the third team,” Paul said. It was a lie. It was close between the top two teams but the third and fourth teams were very clear.

“Second? Hindi ba sila deserving of a win?”

“Ma’am the winner was very clear. Your team had a good setup but it wasn’t tight-“

“Wasn’t tight???” Ms. Santos became increasingly agitated.


“You’re from what school?”

“Why?” Paul said. She’s not gonna bring that up, would she?

“School? What school?” She insisted. Her team that left ahead of her started to go back for her.

“Ma’am… I’m from Ateneo, but-“

“I thought so,” she said, rolling her eyes and then icily stared at Paul.

“Ma’am if you have any complaints I suggest you go to the committee,” Paul said as he started to lose her patience.

“Yeah I’ll complain! Biased adjudicators shouldn’t be allowed-“

“Ma’am?” Richard of DLSU C said as he approached their coach.

“Rich, it’s nothing…,” Ms. Santos stared again at Paul and walked away.

“Pare pasensya na ha?” Richard said to Paul.

“Wala yun pare, part of the job,” Paul said.

“Hindi pare, mainitin lang talaga ulo nun ni ma’am. Ganun talaga yun.”

“Ah talaga? Kala ko sa akin lang galit,”

“Hindi no. Hayaan mo na. Musta na teams nyo?”

“Mukhang ok naman. I’m not really sure e,” Paul said truthfully.

“Ah ok. Pare una na muna ako, labas tayo nina Mahmoud ha?”

“Sige tara!” Paul waved as his friend walked away.

Hotel 7 PM

Cherry was extremely tired from the day she had. It seems that all the debaters thought that they were always the winner and therefore Cherry had a lot of discussions with the debaters as to why they lost. She sat in the lobby for quite some time, looking for her friends and trying to call her boyfriend.

“Come on… Pick up Rob…,” Cherry said as she listened to the phone ring and at the same time look around the hotel as people got in. Where is everybody? Where’s Rica?

When the phone won’t answer for the third time she decided to go up to her room so at least she could freshen up before going out to dinner.

The elevator opened and out comes Joanna among the crowd.

“Hi Ate Cherry!”

“Hi! You seem happy…,” Cherry asked.

“Yup! We won the third debate giving us seven points!” Joanna said.

“Wow… doing well huh?… Did you see Rica?”

“Yeah she left early kanina. I think with Kuya Paul…,” Joanna said.


“Yeah… Cherry you think there’s something going on there?” Joanna asked.

“Something what?”

“You know…,” Joanna then put her two pointer fingers side by side to indicate togetherness.

“Oh god Jo, okay yes, maybe, I’m not sure. Okay?” Cherry said rolling her eyes.

“Really?” Joanna said excitedly.

“Yes. Just don’t ever do this hand signal again okay? Nakakahiya e. Para kang driver…,” Cherry said holding Joanna’s hands as if to hide them.

“Hahaha! Sorry po! Hey I’ll ask you more later okay… Jan is waiting for me e,” Joanna said.

“Okay,” Cherry and her kissed goodbye and Cherry went up to her room.

Room 507

Cherry entered the room wearily and she went to her side of the room to put down her things.

Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind and slams he face first into the bed. She tried to scream but her face was stuck to the bed with a hard and strong hand keeping it in place. She tried to grab the hand but the awkward position left her powerless to push it away.

Oh my god! Help! She thought as tears streamed down her eyes and into the bed.

Who was this? Was this Paul? Impossible, he’s with Rica! Who is this!???

She tried to grab the hand again but it was violently slapped away. She was choking now, she couldn’t breathe. Finally the hand let go of her head and she raised her head to gasp for air.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh!!!” Her tears now flowed down freely down her cheeks but no sooner had she taken a few gulps of air when she felt a necktie go around her face twice, gagging her mouth. It was tied firmly and as she reached back to remove it her hands were grabbed together and they were tied together as well. She tried to look around to see who was doing this, desperately trying to get a glimpse of her attacker. She tried to turn to face him but again her face was shoved down to the bed.

She realized quickly what position she was in. Her head was buried against the bed with her butt raised up. She tried to lay flat but couldn’t as her knees were underneath her. A gush of cold wind against her but meant that her skirt just got brought up exposing her butt to the assailant.




Three powerful slaps hit her butt cheeks and immediately they began to heat up. Her tears haven’t stopped flowing from the very beginning and she was now scared for her life.

No! No! Please No!

Her butt squirmed as she tried her best to avoid any more slaps.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

The slaps came in quick succession and she was really truly in pain by now. Her butt was beet red and almost ready to break skin.

She suddenly felt a thumb rub her pussy hole and she felt that she was already wet.

No! No! I can’t be wet! No!

Her panties got ripped off and now her pussy was exposed to her attacker. She felt three fingers immediately enter her unprepared pussy and thrust in and out violently. Her pussy was being abused badly and she began praying for her life. Within ten seconds however something else happen and Cherry could not believe and could not forgive herself for what was about to happen.

She was about to have a massive orgasm.

Her butt twisted and squirmed against the hand that was still busily thrusting three fingers into her cunt. The fingers then slammed deeper and she felt a thumb force its way into her netherhole. That did it for Cherry.


“NNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Her orgasm came like a massive tsunami and her pussy muscles closed together and pushed the fingers out of her cunt along with globs of her pussy juice.

NO!!!! NOOOO!!!!! She cried as she came. She didn’t want to cum. Not while she was being raped. But she couldn’t do anything. Her body wanted to cum and so she did.

She was still cumming when she felt something else against her pussy. She felt the guy’s dick penetrate her cunt and it slams into her hole hard. She moved her head to the side as she realized that the hand behind her back already let go of her. She was still trying to breathe but had a hard time doing so as she got jack hammered hard.

She tried to look at his attacker but her hair, lack of light, her tears and the angle got in the way. All she could see was the pants the guy wore which basically told her nothing.

Thrust upon thrust came and she never really stopped cumming. Her pussy still pulsated and she felt herself getting even wetter still. She couldn’t believe that she came and that she came so much. And now she felt her body meet the guy’s thrust and she was now slowly fucking her assailant as much as her assailant was fucking her cunt.

Whap! Whap! Whap!

Slaps came again and she tried to look back to her assailant. She couldn’t see as the lights were not on.


Her cheek got hit hard by the guy and as she tried to insist on looking another one came.


She hasn’t stop cumming but she hasn’t stopped crying either.

All this time she felt his dick slide in and out of her pussy. God help me! Silently she prayed that Paul would arrive and save her.

She felt herself on the verge of another orgasm and she thought about just getting this through. She thought that maybe if she made him cum as well he would stop and spare her life. Against her better judgment she began to thrust back hard.

“Ngh! Ngh!”

The guy was moaning now and she knew that her plan was working. She timed her thrusts to meet the force of his at the perfect moment. She was about to cum in a few strokes and she felt his dick expand inside indicating she was about to explode as well. She thrust harder.

She then thought that the guy might cum in her and that was definitely something she didn’t want to happen.

Oh No! No! Noooo!!!

She reached another massive climax and she felt his dick convulse and soon after felt his cum shoot deep inside her pussy. That made her cum harder as well as if the guy’s semen hitting her inside set off a trigger in her to orgasm harder.

Nooooo!!!!! Noooo!!!!

The guy has stopped thrusting but she felt his dick continue to unload inside her. As he was about to slump she immediately pushed off and turned on her back and kick the guy in the face. The guy went down to the side of the bed and as he tried to get up, Cherry threw her alarm clock at him hitting him in the forehead. She immediately stood up and grabbed her bed sheet and ran towards the door. She just passed Paul’s bed when the blanket got pulled down by her assailant bringing her down as well. But she wasn’t about to give up she pulled the blanket away and turned towards the door again.

As soon as she reached the doorknob she heard the guy speak.

“Cherry wait!”

She froze. She recognized the voice.

“It’s Robbie.”

(To be continued)

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