Cheating Wife

Without You


It is late, actually so late it is early. The pre dawn is creeping into my bedroom. My eyes are heavy, but my mind is still wide awake. You do that to me, make me want to stay up and spend every second with you. My everyday thoughts often turn to you, without provocation. This morning though, you are so deep into my thoughts. I can’t think of anything else but your magnificent erection and how much I want; no how much I need to have it. I know I need to sleep. I have a busy Wednesday ahead of me, but thoughts of your penis, your mouth, your tongue won’t release me to sleep.

Ngayon Init na Init


Init na init ako ngayong hapon na to … wala naman ang bf ko dito… tinext ko ang mga sex buddies ko pero busy sila.. nagonline ako sa yahoo… nagbang ng makakapagpainit lalo sa akin.. binuksan ko ang webcam ko … inopen ko na lan para makita ng kahit na isnong mangailangan… tinanggal ko na ang twalya ko



Mahilig ako sa sports bata pa lng ako ngsasanay na ako maging magaling sa martial arts. Idol ko kasi nuon sina Cynthia Luster, Jackie Chan at ang namayapang si Bruce Lee. Pag binilan nga ako ng tatay ko ng laruan laging package deal eh….dalawang klase lagi isang Barbie doll at isang robot na “Transformer” na yari sa bakal hindi pa kasi uso yung mga made in china na plastic na mabibili mo ng tatlo isang daan sa Divisoria o kaya isang rug doll at isang baril barilan (yung tumutunog at umiilaw!!). Kaya ako mismo di ko alam kung ano ba talaga kasarian ko. May pagkatomboy kasi ako nuon!

Imagine and Masturbate


This is dedicated to my special someone who’s far away from me now…..For being so nice and giving me………

“What I Want”

I want to be completely free, completely exposed without a care in the world.

I want you to dance with me in a crowded bar, rip off my shirt,

Ka text mate


I met this guy through a friend a couple of months ago. We became text mates and we talk on the phone till the wee hours of the morning. I find him so nice that’s why I talk to him a lot. And we share a common interest- our love for house music.

His name is JP. He lives somewhere in the south. He’s 28 years old and single of course. I really have no idea how he looks like, but one thing he told me is that he is looking for a job. So he suggested that he gives his resume to me, so I can help him apply. I agreed.

Happy Rubbing


I am a professional working in a multinational company. Medyo matagal na din ako nagtatrabaho dun. My GF used to work there too, but recently resigned and is now working in a call center.

Our relationship is quite ok. Medyo matagal na din kami. Our sex life is great. We always make sure na both of us is satisfied. We have the drive to please your partner more than yourself. Until several years ago when we decided to do more daring stuffs and tried fulfilling our fantasies. Medyo weird mga fantasies, pero hey… we might not have the chance to do it again if we don’t do it now.

Cuz nakakalibog ka


taglibog me sa sanpit ketch. sexy, maputi at damgan talaga.
taga province sia at samin nag-stay kse study sia ng HS d2
sa metro manila.

lagi ko sia nibobosohan at pinagbabayuhan. talaga nibutas
ko wall ng cr namin, makita ko lang sia kapag nag-gogoli.

minsan, wala tao sa haybol. kami lang dalawa… nde ko
napigilan init sa katwan kesh. nasa living room kami at
nanood sia tv. magkaharap kami at naka-upo me sa kabilang
sofa. bigla ko binaba short at brip ketch… at hinimas-himas
ko sa harap nia ang alaga kesh.

shock ang gaga ng makita nigagawa kesh. nde makagalaw…

Ang Wet dream


Hello sa inyo! Ako nga pala si…. tawagin nyo nalang akong charming dahil sa ganung pangalan ako sumikat, pero di ko kamukha si Charming!!. Ikukwento ko sa inyo ang aking experience sa sex.(namula ako bigla)

never felt before pt.1


For my first post, I would like to share what happened to me when I was just 13 years old. Nope, this is not sex. Actually I’m still a virgin, honestly. What i will tell you is probably the first time, I got wet. By a stranger. I already posted this to my blog, but when I found out about this site, I thought I would share it to you.

I’m still in high school now, in Lucena City Quezon province. This happened a few years ago. Still fresh from my memory..

never felt before pt.2


(a little back story: My dad is a male nurse in Texas, who comes home every December. My mom works full time in our small canteen with a videoke in the Bus Terminal in Lucena City, which is about 30 minutes drive from our place. It caters to passengers and Bus employees, drivers, conductors and others. She has a few helpers there, who at times also help in our house. Sometimes I also help my mom there during the weekends to serve to customers. I have an older sister who’s now in college. But at the time of this story, is also in high school(4th yr).

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