One Night Stand

Huli sa Cam!!


I was renting an apartment in Manila when this story happened… I am a typical guy na di marunong maglinis ng bahay,,, hehehe,,, One Sunday afternoon my brother phoned me up at sinabi niya na pupunta sila ng gf niya sa Manila and if pwede daw silang mag-stay for a night… I immediately said yes and started cleaning the room… Dalawa yung rooms ng apartment ko.

txtmate with 16years old girl


This is a real life story: Year 2002 nun kainitan when i was 20years old,mahilig ako makipag txtmate,and syempre eyeball here in a small town in my province.I was working in a factory,welder ako sa factory na un.And cyempre sa work madmi ka maging mga kaibigan,karamihan sa mga kasamahan ko ay fr0m the other province din,my kasamahan ako na ang name ay jun.And si jun ay nakatira lng malapit sa place ng work namin,kya pagkatap0s ng worktime nagkayayaan tumagay sa kanila,kc wla daw ang kanyang misis that time,umuwi daw ng bicol.Pagdating namin sa place nla mer0n pla cya kapitbhay na girl na nagpa

I’m just like them….The Continuation


Before I continue my narration,I just want to thank everyone who read the first part of my story.Here’s the continuation, as promised…

RECOIL’s Bachelor Express


Good day folks. Been a while seen I last wrote a post here. Been reading all the stories and it just keeps on gettin better. Last time I share my sexcapade was May last year. And one of Simply’s Stories in the LRT just hit me right in the gut. But mine was in the bus.

sarap mo sutla


this story evolves around the girl named HAZEL.

The Girl from the bus


I was on my way back to Manila last December when I got lucky when a pretty young girl sat next to me on the bus. It took me a while to gather courage, I kept staring at her, though I was hiding it behind the lens of my shades. I tried to keep my cool. Acted as if I didn’t notice her. But all the while I kept picturing her large breasts that seemed to press against her purple sweatshirt, constantly bouncing as the bus seemed to have felt my urge and was nice enough to let me watch her tits go up and down.

Traffic. The bus stopped and we stood there motionless for over 30 mins.

Internet Cafe


Hi! Exciting 2ng site n 2h ha. Nywayz of course I Also want to share my seperience din noh.

taxi driver


Before anything else, i just like to say na this is my first time here and a friend of mine just introduced this site to me… nabasa ko yong ibang stories and medyo na inspire ako to share one of my sex excapades that happend so fast … actually, di ko nga alam kung bakit ko nagawa yon… cguro its one of my horny moments.

Im on my way home from waterfron casino… nag para ako ng taxi …. di ko napansin ng una na may hitsura yong taxi driver and naka fit sya na shirt that showed his nice biceps…. nung na traffic.. napatingin ako sa

imba 2.


another sex chatlog. this time with a 16yr old girl down south. enjoy..
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Red Chick


As the crowd danced to the sound of the stereos that take over the room. Something unexpected happened to me with a stranger.This story is about the girl i met last night at one of the premier bar in Timog. Good thing is my mother authorize me for being late at home that I will attend a post-debut party of my friend as an excuse. (Pero palusot lang yun para sa gimik namin magbabarkada). As the night gets even deeper and deeper. The crowd is having a good time all over the place dancing to the music played by the DJ.

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