My Falling Star


I met M in a chat room. He was a popular figure in the chat room — I would find him saying the most outrageous things in the chat room. It might be about sex or life but he was sensible most of the time and I agreed with his”sayings.” I was drawn to this chatter but not to the point that I would seek him out. After all, I had admirers of my own.

From Lust to Love: The Beginning


Written by: just_alex

Hi to all.Im alex and I’m about to share this very special story i had with someone i haven’t met personally but has changed me a lot within just a short period of time…

My Falling Star (2nd post)


Like a piece of metal being pulled by a magnet, my lips returned to his. This time the kiss was wilder. Nibbles turned into gentle bites. He used his left hand to grab a fistful of my hair and pulled it gently, giving him complete access to my neck. “Ooooahhhh” was all I could say when I felt his hot tongue licking his way down from my chin to my neck. He made sucking motions with his lips that drove me mad with lust. I never knew I could feel so much pleasure from being licked and sucked in the neck until now.

our anniversary 2


Written by: juicypussyforyou

hello! this is the continuation of my post about me and my bf’s first anniversary sex. hahaha. sorry if it took me ages to post the continuation, i’ve been busy spending my sembreak with my bf… and of course, sex everyday! happy reading!


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