Story to Tell (Last Part)


Hindi na naulit ang tagpong ‘yon ng Martes ng umaga. Halos buong araw ng Miyerkules at Huwebes ay umaalis si Jude at nagpupunta raw ng Pandacan. Di ko naman siya kinompronta sa nangyari sa kanila ni Yvonne. Nag set kami ng out-of-town vacation nung Biyernes kasama si Jude at mga anak namin dahil kinabukasan ay uuwi na si Jude sa States. Sa isang private resort sa Zambales kami nagpa-book. Nagpaalam si Jude kung pwede daw niya isama ang pinsan niyang babae na taga-Pandacan na naka sem-break sa pinapasukan nitong kolehiyo.

Friends na lang daw…


I was alone one day sa house ng uncle ko. My aunt & him are both at work. Ako na lang naiwan kasi tanghali na ako nagising. I just finished college & wala pa ako work so wala akong pinagkaka-busy-han. Actually, I don’t have plans of jobhunting kasi I’ll be leaving for US na rin soon. I was about to have breakfast when I saw somebody at the gate. Tanaw kase sa bintana ng kitchen. It’s Rey, ang ultimate crush ko. Hay. Although I really want him to be mine, I told him na friends na lang kami. Kase aalis na nga ako, magkakahiwalay din naman kami so parang wala ring mangyayari.



Tawagin nyo lang ak0 sa pangalang Justine 23 yrs old at kasama ko sa kwentong eto c Glaiza 22 at Irene 22. Si Glaiza at Irene ay both friends ko. Si Glaiza ay isang napakagandang chick kasi maputi at sexy anf katawan habang si Irene ay maganda rin pero medyo may pagka boyish lang.

The Debate Team Part One



4:30 pm, Thursday. Hotel Lobby.

Cherry just could not believe it. They’ve only been in Singapore for a full hour and already she’s having a bad day. This tournament is really starting to look bad. It’s the British Parliamentary Debate Championships, the mother of all debate tournaments, where she is participating as an adjudicator, a judge for those who are outside the loop. As an adjudicator for Ateneo de Manila, she is expected to be one of the top adjudicators in the entire tournament, yet right now, she’s just not feeling it.

birthday gifT (…”cessaLicious”…)


…guy’z eto na 3rd story ko, this story is about my kabarkada “carL”. my high school barkada and also one of my crush during my high school day’s. nwei, di ko na pahahabain pa introduction, sisimulan ko na ikwento.

cebu sexcapade


I went to Cebu for business recently. I have been traveling non-stop for weeks because of my work so I was pretty much exhausted when I got to Cebu and just wanted to lock myself up in the hotel room if I didn’t have to attend meetings. I haven’t had sex for a while because my boyfriend Nate was sent to our Singapore office for three months and he arrived the day after I left for Cebu. He was supposed to go on leave from work and follow me but he was sent to a week-long conference in Baguio.



i don’t know really where to start, this is the first time i’m posting. i’ve been browsing the site for a couple of months now, and decided maybe it’s time for me to share one of my experiences. now would be the perfect time, while it’s still fresh in my memory

still fresh


we were watching tv after our fun bathroom romp. i flip it onto the news channel, jan says “you want sad stories? just keep watching haha” true enough you start hearing murders, corruption and what not on the local scene. hey, it’s the philippines! so i start channel surfing trying to find something light to watch. we came across an infomercial channel. it’s funny that almost everything in this world can be achieved within 3 minutes a day for these guys. chisseled abs in only 3 mins! sculpted butt in only 3 mins! prepare a full meal in 3 mins! you get the picture.

Dickie01 – ICU humping


This is actually my 2nd time to post an experience I had in the ICU. I am a nurse here in the US, pero nangyari un when I was still back jan sa Pinas not too long ago. Please bear with me kung Ill use text language, kasi i find it easier to write using those coz ive gotten to using ‘em. I was hoping to make my stories in a chronological order, pero its really hard to do so, for the obvious reasons. So here goes…

iskolar ng bayan


di ko alam kung pano sisimulan ‘tong kwento ko kasi iniisip ko pa lang nililibugan na naman ako. siguro di sa lahat ng tao katanggap tanggap ang kwento ko but what the heck, i enjoyed every single moment of it. sabihin na nating kaka iba but i know marami na rin ang naka experience nito. and i know that wala makakapagsabi na di nila nagustuhan. so here goes, hope you guys like it coz i surely did.

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